Who is Haider Sher-Ali? Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Pakistan ISI Agent

Haider Sher-Ali is 35 years old Pakistani National. According to reports, Haider Sher-Ali has ties to Pakistani intelligence, and his Instagram page now features images with Bradley Cooper and Seth Meyers. Following their arrest on April 6, 2022, the controversy surrounding two fictitious Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officers has only gotten worse.

Sher-Ali was arrested together with Arian Taherzadeh for masquerading for DHS officials and attempting to make friends with Secret Service agents and other government personnel. Agents were paid with rent-free penthouses, high-end devices, and police equipment by the couple, who worked their way up to an agent on First Lady Jill Biden’s security detail.

The two conmen are accused of impersonating federal agents and lavishing gifts on US Secret Service employees, including a luxury apartment worth more than $40,000 per year. Secret Service members assigned to details for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ house, according to the Daily Mail, are among those allegedly caught up in the plan.

The arrests of Taherzadeh and Sher-Ali have elicited no response from the White House. Taherzadeh is also accused of offering to buy a Secret Service member assigned to guard the first lady a $2,000 assault weapon. Prosecutors claim Taherzadeh and Ali pretended to work for the Department of Homeland Security on a special task force looking into gang violence in the aftermath of the Capitol insurgency on January 6.

Who is Haider Sher-Ali?

Haider Sher-Ali is an Palistani ISI Agent. Sher-possible Ali’s ties to Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI, were also uncovered at his arraignment. The Daily Mail discovered social media profiles under his name and even gained access to his private Instagram account. That specific account has sparked significant debate. While several images of Sher-Ali with comedian Seth Meyers and actor Bradley Cooper have apparently been removed, a handful has purportedly remained online.

The four photographs were allegedly taken on February 14, 2022, and according to the Mail, they might have been manipulated. Cooper was featured in three photos, two of which featured him in the same jacket and shirt. Police discovered passports with visas for Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, and Qatar at his home. According to the evidence, he visited Iran at least four times, with stamps from Mashhad International Airport in Mashhad showing on his passport.

It’s still unclear what Taherzadeh and Ali were hoping to achieve by impersonating law enforcement personnel and giving presents to other agents. It’s unclear if the two had ever had direct contact with Jill, who is the country’s most tightly guarded lady. It’s also unclear where or how the money to pay for the presents, including the penthouse rent, came from.

How old is Haider Sher-Ali?

Haider Sher-Ali was born in 1986/1987 in Pakistan, and he is 35 years old.

Who is Haider Sher-Ali Wife?

However, we have no information about Haider Sher-Ali’s wife and kids, but it will be updated in the future in case we come across his personal information.

How Rich is Haider Sher-Ali?

The estimated Net Worth of Haider Sher-Ali is between $100K to $300K USD.

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