Who is Lisa Wilson? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband

Lisa Wilson is the mother of Zach Wilson. Recently, Zach Wilson has made headlines, but not for the right reasons. According to reports, his former girlfriend Abbey Gile had sex with his mother’s best friend.

Earlier this year, the New York Jets quarterback and Gile, a student at Utah Valley University, called it quits. Gile then moved on with Dax Milne. In addition to being Wilson’s college roommate, Milne also serves as the wide receiver for the Washington Commanders.

Milne shared pictures of Gile on his Instagram account a few days ago with the remark “Word on the street.” A user allegedly found the post offensive and referred to the woman as a “homie hopper,” calling her out.

“[Wilson] was sleeping with his mom’s best friend… that’s the true homie hopper,” Gile lambasted the individual. Someone else said, “Lol, it’s true. I know the mother of the best friend, and for a while, she freaked out. However, the remarks have since been removed.

Who is Lisa Wilson?

Lisa Wilson gained notoriety last year when she slammed online trolls for humiliating her over her son’s subpar play against the New Orleans Saints.

After receiving a message reading, “Your son SUCKS as QB LOL,” from a hater in December 2021. “People like you make me unhappy,” she retaliated. You must have experienced pain in your life at some point. I hope you can be content.

Lisa is not only Zach’s mother; she also operates two Instagram profiles and is a social media influencer. One account is @wilsonohana, which has about 12k followers, and another is a bluetick account called @lifeaccording2lisa, which has over 100k followers.

She is the owner of the website LIVE LIFE LEGIT. Recently, she advertised on social media for her website, where she discussed parenting and “managing youngsters.”

Who is Lisa Wilson’s Husband?

Zach is one of Lisa’s five children; she has been married to Michael Wilson since 1997. She thanked her hubby for their 24 years of marriage on Instagram last March.

How old is Lisa Wilson?

Lisa Wilson was born on April 14, 1980, she is
years old.

How Rich is Lisa Wilson?

The estimated Net Worth of Lisa Wilson is between $1 Million to $3 Million USD.

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