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Jemma Cooper

Jemma Cooper is the BBC TV regional News Journalist and joined the BBC in 1999. Currently, she’s been taken off-air by BBC after the organization came to know Jemma attended anti-lockdown protests and calling the BBC “the devil”.

According to the source, Jemma has been off the air for three months. However, the broadcaster has said Ms. Cooper is still employed by the channel and contributing to news stories.

Jemma Cooper 

In an anti-lockdown Whatsapp group, Jemma confirmed her identity after one member asked Jemma “Are you the weather girl Jemma?” and she replied “Yes alas I work for the devil at the moment,” she said.

From the Youtube video, it shows that Jemma appeared in the Anti-Lockdown protest which was led by Piers Corbyn, after attending the march Jemma returned to the Newsroom where thing started to heat up, a whistleblower, speaking to the Bristol Post said: “Jemma had arguments with colleagues who felt she was putting people in danger by going out to these events.”

Then added “She said she was adamant Covid is not a real thing. One employee was left in tears by the conversation,” and “It has become a thing in the newsroom which we call “Where’s Wally”.”

On November 5th, BBC sent an email saying that “Dear all, I want to let you know that Jemma Cooper has had to be called away from the office unexpectedly until further notice.”

Know About Jemma Cooper

In 1999, she joined BBC and served for BBC Bristol on their regional website. Later, Jemma got promoted and joined live news to become a weather presenter.

Jemma Cooper 

She also worked on television breakfast and weekend forecasts as well as for the radio. According to her profile on BBC, she described herself as “Journalism is in my blood and I am confident about telling the weather story every day but the weather is a science and I have put a lot of effort in to learn as much as I can about it.”


However, there is not much information about her age but will be updated in the future.

(Image Source: DailyMail, Mirror, Bristolpost)

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