Who is Ethan Phelan Melzer [Army Private]? Wiki, Biography, Age

Ethan Phelan Melzer, a former Army private who was found guilty last year of conspiring with demonic neo-Nazis to murder members of his own military unit, has been given a 45-year prison term.

In June of last year, former Pvt. Ethan Phelan Melzer, 24, also known as Etil Reggad, admitted guilt to charges that he attempted to kill American service members, gave or attempted to give material support to terrorists, and illegally transmitted information about national defense in the days before his unit’s deployment in the middle of 2020.

Melzer acknowledged disclosing to an “occult-based neo-Nazi” organization known as the “Order of the Nine Angles” private information about his impending deployment with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, including unit location, movements, and security.

The goal, Melzer said in an unsealed indictment, was to plot an insider mass casualty attack.

According to court filings, the Order of the Nine Angles, a U.K.-based anarchist group that promotes “antisemitic and satanic views,” is notorious for encouraging its followers to infiltrate into the military and other organizations with the intention of demolishing them from the inside.

O9A members have publicly admitted to admiring people such as Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden.

Who is Ethan Phelan Melzer?

NameEthan Phelan Melzer
Net WorthNA

Melzer deployed to Vicenza, Italy, in October after joining the 173rd Airborne Brigade in June 2019. His habitual acquisition and viewing of films about Islamist assassinations and attacks from radical organizations like O9A and ISIS were demonstrated by court documents.

Melzer learned that his squad will watch over a top-secret American military outpost in May 2020.

During pre-deployment preparations, he got instructions on terrorist threats and had private conversations that he communicated via private messaging applications with members of the Order of the Nine Angles.

When Ethan Phelan Melzer arrived in the United States, he made a vow to release images and radio channel frequencies that he had exchanged with a supposedly affiliated member of al-Qaida.

Melzer was imprisoned on June 10, 2020, by the FBI. He admitted to betraying the United States and said he meant to inflict numerous casualties among U.S. military members while being questioned by FBI officials.

U.S. District Judge Gregory H. Woods announced and imposed the sentence on Ethan Phelan Melzar. Many organizations, including the FBI New York Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, looked into his case.

How old is Ethan Phelan Melzer?

Ethan Phelan Melzer is 24 years old.

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