Who is Joshua Ryan Butler [Author & Pastor]? Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Wife

 Joshua Ryan Butler is a lead pastor of Redemption Tempe in Arizona. Recently, he published an article “S*x Won’t Save You (But It Points to the One Who Will)” which was heavily criticized by Internet users.

The use of the physical union between a husband and wife as a metaphor for the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Church in a TGC (The Gospel Coalition) essay has drawn a great deal of backlash.

Both the essay and the book immediately provoked uproar on social media, with many calling the idea “inappropriate, nasty, and absolutely repulsive.” TGC initially tweeted a link to the piece, but after receiving criticism, the tweet was purportedly removed.

The Gospel Coalition published a problematic passage from the latest book by Joshua Butler lately (TGC). The author asserted in the article that idolizing sex leads to enslavement and called physical union a “symbol of salvation.”

Butler used the verses Ephesians 5:31–32 to highlight how the apostle Paul discussed marriage while also mentioning Christ and the Church. The metaphor then, according to Butler, transcends the altar vows to become the “symbol of salvation.”

He continues by describing the passive function of “hospitality” played by women and the active role of “generosity” played by men. The marriage of a groom and bride, according to the author, is an “offering, gift, and sign of pilgrimage” from the male that “has the ability to blossom within her into new life.”

Butler goes on to say that the union is a representation of the gospel, pointing out how Christ “arrives in salvation” to become not just “with” but also “inside” his church.

He goes on to say that marriage, like the bond between Christ and the Church, “brings out fresh creation.”

While Josh Butler made an effort to present an uplifting and spiritual perspective on Christian sexual ethics in both his book and the TGC piece, some detractors pointed out that the metaphor seemed to be extremely insensitive and disrespectful.

Who is Joshua Butler?

NameJoshua Butler
Net Worth$300K to $600K USD.

Joshua Ryan Butler serves as lead pastor of Redemption Tempe in Arizona and is a fellow with The Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics.

Josh enjoys challenging common stereotypes and substituting them with the beauty and power of the genuine thing in order to assist those who struggle with challenging Christian faith-related issues.

Josh writes in a way that is easy to read, poetically inventive, and theologically deep (he holds a high perspective of the Gospel) (caring for the hearts of his audience with practical relevance).

Josh was a finalist for ECPA’s new author of the year in 2015, with his first book, The Skeletons in God’s Closet: The Mercy of Hell, the Surprise of Judgment, the Hope of Holy War (Thomas Nelson, 2014). His second book, The Pursuing God: A Reckless, Irrational, Obsessed Love that’s Dying to Bring Us Home, also by Nelson, was released in 2016.

His forthcoming book with WaterBrook & Multnomah will release in 2023. Josh holds a BA from the University of Oregon (triple major: international studies [with Honors], history, Asian studies; Minor: Japanese) and an MDiv in Theological Studies (with Honors) from Multnomah Seminary.

Who is Joshua Butler’s Wife?

He lives with his wife Holly and three children—Aiden, James, and Jacob—in Tempe, AZ.

How old is Joshua Butler?

There is not much information about his age.

How Rich is Joshua Butler?

The estimated Net Worth of Joshua Butler is between $300K to $600K USD.

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