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Daeshard is a Rapper and Artist from St.Petersburg, Florida, he’s now in the media headlines after recording his music video at Michael Jackson’s famous Neverland Ranch.

In June 2009, MJ died at the age of 50, now the Rapper has been accused of trespassing and reportedly shot scenes for a music video on Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch property.

In an Interview with TMZ, Daeshard told that he was granted permission to shoot there but the company Colony Capital denies it, last week the Rapper dropped his music video “Hood,” which features footage from the property in Los Olivos, Calif.

Who is Daeshard?

On November 4th, 2020 he released a music video titled “Hood (Neverland Ranch),” and it has received 4.2k views during the time of writing.


The music video is written by Tereon Greene, and produced by Prodbylion and the Rapper also credited Michael Jackson in the video description.

Daeshard’s crew recorded the MJ ranch on July 23rd but lost their video after security deleted them and ordered the artist and others to leave. However, some of the clips were apparently not removed, as they appear in Daeshard’s new music video.

On September 1, 2020, Daeshard shared a picture of Neverland Ranch on Instagram and wrote “Nobody has been able to hang out at neverland ranch, Not even Janet them.”

However, the MJ fan’s weren’t happy with it, they said there’s no way someone would be approved to film a project at Neverland Ranch and Colony Capital, which owns the ranch, and they tell us the video was not authorized.

But, the Rapper said to TMZ that he was granted permission to be there and to shoot his project, but he would not tell us who gave him the green light.

On Instagram, he boasts 4.3k followers and his bio reads “Yea it’s really me, “Hood” available on all major platforms.”

He launched his Youtube Channel on Oct 21, 2020, and his about section reads “The Official YouTube Channel for Daeshard. 3 Am in Hollywood, Space Invader Season 1 & 2, Jake From The Field, And Rx Available on all major platforms.”

Daeshard Age

How old is Daeshard? He was born on May 29, 1993, and from St.Petersburg, Florida, he is 27 years old as of 2020.

(Image Source: Daeshard Instagram)

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