BigChoppaDoe Wiki [Dale Harrison], Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend


BigChoppaDoe aka Big Choppa is a TikToker and Social media personality, he’s in media headlines after his video went viral on the social media platform, where he was seen destroying a ballot for President Donald Trump.

The video which is gaining momentum was first uploaded by BigChoppaDoe on TikTok, but he denied destroying Trump ballots during the 2020 presidential election and said in a public Facebook post that he only made the video as a joke while wearing a uniform from Amazon.

Who is BigChoppaDoe?

He is a TikToker, Social Media Personality, and Video creator, on TikTok he has 2.8k followers and his profile picture reads “Black Lives Matter,” but his account is set to private after the Ballot incident.

BigChoppaDoe whose real name is Dale Harrison, since his video went viral many Twitter users are calling him out for Election fraud, one user wrote “Yo @BigChoppaDoe, you’ve been reported to the authorities. Hope it was worth it.”

“BigChoppaDoe on TikTok should be arrested! THIS IS A CRIME!!!” another person wrote.

What’s in the video which gained so much momentum? Dale Harrison talks about receiving votes and separating them in the video and shares one ballot and says it was for “Donald J. Dumb Trump” and then tears it up on the video.

Furthermore, the video has a message shares one ballot and says it was for “Donald J. Dumb Trump” and then tears it up on the video. According to Dale, the video has been deleted from his official account but it has been reposted by an account called ClutchCalvin.

On Facebook, Dale Harrison wrote “Sooo I did this video in my Amazon outfit cause y’all know I’m always joking! And it’s getting crazy views! They A** finding me on every app!!!! So when do I move to Hollywood??? Hahaha.”

Dale in another Facebook public conversation when a woman named Trisha Jones asked him, “Dale Harrison did you really tear upvotes? Is this a Joke?,” Dale replied “Trisha Jones it’s a Joke. I’ve never worked for them.”

Then, Dale added “Trisha Jones that’s my Amazon Outfit! But it’s getting me views!.”

Trisha replied “Dale Harrison that’s good! I was like he works for Amazon. Do they even handle the mail in Ballots? I didn’t think so. People everywhere gonna be pi**ed at this video though. I know you are a prankster.”

He replied “I really don’t hate Trump! He actually gave me a check!!! But yea I’m just letting them eatttttt it up!!!!.”


How old is BigChoppaDoe? There is not much information about his age and family.

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