Zanziman Ellie Wiki [Real Life Mowgli], Biography, Age, Family

Zanziman Ellie

Zanziman Ellie aka Real Life Mowgli is 21 years old man with microcephaly, he’s from Africa and walks 20 miles a day to escape bullying from cruel villagers.

His mother considers Ellie a miracle kid, she lost her first five children before Zanziman was born.

Zanziman Ellie

Who is Zanziman Ellie?

He is 21 years old from the African Jungle, Ellie is different from other kids.

Ellie’s father and mother lost five kids before Ellie was born, in an interview, his parent’s said they were so upset about their children dying and pleaded with God for a son.

His mother even asked God for an abnormal child as long the kid wouldn’t die, she said.

Curently, Zanziman Ellie lives with his family in Rwanda, he has microcephaly where it’s a rare condition that can cause babies to be born with small heads.

Because of this condition, Zanziman is bullied by the villagers daily. As a result, he always flees high into a tree to escape bullying.

He never attended school and spends most of his days roaming through the Jungle and eat grass, his mother said. Sometimes Ellie even walks 230km in a week.

Unfortunately, he can’t speak but only understands Instruction.

GoFundMe Page Has Been SetUp To Help Zanziman Ellie.

Till now $3,251 raised of the $4,000 goal, the page has been set up by an Ineza on October 18, 2020.

The page reads “let’s help this single mother to raise this child because she’s unemployed which makes the family-run out of food and forces this young boy to go to the forest and eat grasses. let’s contribute and save this boy and his mother’s life.”

(Image Source: Observador, Suara, The Sun)

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