Who is Daniel McLean [Republican]? Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Belfast

Daniel McLean was in his 50’s shot dead in north Belfast on Tuesday night. He was a dissident republican and regarding this incident, SDLP councilor Paul McCusker said the “senseless and horrific” and Sinn Féin North Belfast assembly member Carál Ní Chuilín described the shooting as “shocking.”

According to the report, the shooting took place at 20:15 GMT at Cliftonville Road, Daniel was in his car and believed to have been shot in the vehicle.

Daniel McLean

One person said to the news publication, he heard five shots on Tuesday night, Carál Ní Chuilín called for witnesses to speak to the police.

Who is Daniel McLean?

He was a dissident republican and was killed by his former pals who spent five years in the British Army. According to the source, this was the motive to kill Daniel McLean.

Furthermore, Daniel McLean was on the bail and earlier he faced arms charges by violent splinter-group ONH. Also, Daniel was the senior member of the group.

On February 2nd, he was shot dead in his car in Belfast by a group of masked men, the shooting took place reportedly at 8.15 pm and but the motive behind the kill is still unknown.

Curently, police are investigating the death and looking for suspicious masked men, the shooting incident was captured in the form of video and picture which has been circulating on WhatsApp since Tuesday night.

Police are looking into the video and will be helpful for the investigation, in the video group of masked men walks into one street before stopping while seven or eight police officers stand close by. Later, they all gather up and heading back and past the police officers.

First Minister Arlene Foster told that “It is a terrible thing to wake up to for the citizens in that area and indeed I send my deepest sympathies to that gentleman’s family.” Then, Deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill said “Obviously at the heart of that is going to be a grieving family, someone who has lost a loved one last night and our thoughts are very much with the family.”

Fiona Ferguson who is a Councillor said “There is never a place for gun violence or murder on our streets but this incident, with many shots reportedly fired, is particularly reprehensible,” and added “The local community is understandably horrified. This is not representative of our local area and certainly not welcomed. My thoughts are with those impacted by the senseless act of violence.”


How old is Daniel McLean? He was in his 50’s during his time of death.

(Image Source: BBC)

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