Tracy Rollins Jr Wiki [Rebecca Landrith Killer], Bio, Age, Family

Tracy Rollins Jr is 25 years old suspect in the brutal killing of the former model, Rebecca Landrith. The former model suffered 18 bullet wounds and other major marks on her body, Rollins is now arrested and charged with criminal homicide and abuse of a corpse.

On Feb7th, 2021 her body was dumped along the off-ramp of I-80 east near mile marker 199, but her body was found in warm clothes without socks and shoes. During her time of death, Rebeccas was 47 years old and served as a model and walked the runway at New York Fashion Week, and modeled at charity events.

Rebecca Landrith

According to the report, Rebecca’s body was unidentified because she suffered major wounds on her throat, head, neck and the autopsy report confirmed that Rollins shot 18 bullets inside Rebecca’s body.

Her body was first discovered by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation workers who were on the duty to remove the snow, initially police struggle to identify the victim but they found a small piece of paper and it reads the suspect’s name and information.

While tracing down the information the authorities came to know the body belongs to 47 years old woman, this led the investigation to speed up and track down the suspect, from the CCTV footage it came to know that Rebecca was first spotted with Tracy Rollins near Gas Station and then in the fast-food store.

They both were driving in the 2018 Volvo tractor-trailer which belongs to Tracy Rollins, this was the evidence authorities were waiting for, soon they tracked down Rollins and now he is being held on $1 Million bails at the Hartford correctional center in Connecticut.

Previously, Rollins agreed to be interviewed by state police after he was apprehended during a traffic stop driving a tractor-trailer truck. Initially, he denied knowing Landrith to police but said he met a woman named “Leslie” when her car broke down in Connecticut.

Police discovered that she booked a hotel in Milford under the name “Leslie Myers” in December last year, then Police obtained a search warrant for Rollins’ truck, while searching his truck they found Six 9-mm shell casings and bullet strikes were found in the cab and the blood strain was also the evidence that Rollins is the murderer.

Who was Rebecca Landrith?

Rebecca Landrith

She served as a Model and stands 5-feet 8-inches tall and 118 pounds with measurements of 34-26-36, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

In 2014, she was a finalist for the Miss Manhattan contest in New York City and America’s It Girl Miss Lady Liberty. Also, she worked as a runway model and was a finalist in several pageants.

Besides this, Rebecca served as a spokesmodel for businesses and appeared in advertisements in both print and video, according to her website she describer herself as “bubbly personality, energetic, easy-going, vegetarian, healthy lifestyle, good skin, highly educated and have worked in the field of law.”

Furthermore, she described ” I know high fashion labels and have fabulous shoes with all my outfits,” and added, “I love clothes and have a great wardrobe to style myself and bring to shoots.”

The former model was also an accomplished violinist and also worked in law.

Know About Tracy Rollins Jr

He was 28 years old Truck Driver and from Dallas, Texas. Curently, he is awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania.

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