Who is Toriah Lachell? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family

Toriah Lachell is the girlfriend of Jayson Tatum and a hairstylist. Jayson Tatum has been connected to a number of possible girlfriends throughout the years, but he has never acknowledged a relationship.

Since late 2021, Tatum has been connected to both singer Ella Mai and model Bella B, although it is unknown if he is currently seeing anyone. Ella Mai is an English singer-songwriter who has received three Grammy nominations, one of which she won in 2018. Ella Mai is an English singer-songwriter who has received three Grammy nominations, one of which she won in 2018.

Who is Toriah Lachell?

In Creve Coeur, Missouri, Tatum went to Chaminade College Preparatory School. He dated Toriah Lachell in high school, and she got pregnant with Tatum’s child during his first NBA season.

Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr, dubbed ‘Deuce,’ was born to Tatum and his wife on December 7, 2017, when Tatum was 19 years old. Deuce Tatum, Jayson Tatum’s son, is not just his biggest fan but also a celebrity in his own way. At TD Garden, the 4-year-old is frequently spotted on the sidelines cheering for his father, and he has been there throughout the Nets series.

The child was recently caught bouncing around the Boston Celtics locker room after a win, and the video went viral.

Toriah, who went to a beauty school in Boston for a period, is now a successful hairdresser. She is the proprietor of the hair business The Curl Bar Boston. Lachell also has an Instagram account, @hairbytoriahlachell, where she describes herself as a Curl Specialist.

How old is Toriah Lachell?

Toriah Lachell was born in Feb 2000 in Missouri, the United States. She is 22 years old. Julie Gibbs’ daughter is Toriah. Torah’s stepfather, John Gibbs, eventually married her mother. Northwest High School is where John graduated.

Know About Toriah Lachell Relationship?

Tatum’s high school love was Lachell. Tatum and Lachelle were split up after Lachelle stated she was pregnant with Tatum’s child, and Tatum was seeing someone else (oops!). Deuce was born on December 6, 2017, only two months after Tatum began his NBA career.

While the birth of their baby did not bring Lachell and Tatum back together, their co-parenting relationship looks to be good. Tatum also claims he enjoys being a young father.

How Rich is Toriah Lachell?

The estimated Net Worth of Toriah Lachell is between $200K to $400K USD.

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