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Shelby Gash is 24 years old and from the suburb of Johnson County. She is in the media headlines after decorating her home with Christmas light display that certainly would have surprised Santa and may have landed her on his “naughty” list.

This display is for mature audiences only. It’s a bit graphic and has been blurred out for this story. “Well, it looks like a penis,” Marcelo Vergara told WDAF. “A giant lit-up p***s.”

Shelby Gash

Later, in an interview with local TV station WDAF, she said “The neighborhood’s kind of like, vibe’s kind of gone down, ’cause everyone’s kind of uptight,” and added, “So it’s more of a kind of, orneriness.”

Neighbour Christi Vergara hadn’t seen the display until the reporter showed her a photo – and, luckily, she didn’t see it while driving past. “I probably would’ve wrecked my car… laughing,” she said.

Shelby said that people were stopping in the middle of the night, taking photos and laughing. But after hearing that it might upset neighbors with young children, Shelby sadly flicked the switch on her festive phallus after just four days. “Sorry if it’s bothering people, I’m just trying to make a laugh,” she said.

On December 5, 2019, she posted on Facebook “Sorry neighbors. I felt the need to make a giant dick on the roof ’tis the season! * UPDATE *** The news station is on my front lawn haha.”

Later, she shared an video on her instagram acount and wrote “o I have logged into my old Instagram because I’m kinda going viral bc of my giant dick I made. Sorry to my old High school friends that this story is the only story you have heard about me in six years . Probably annoying just let me have my have 15 mins of fame in my bizarre life”

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