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Leslie Turley Wiki

Leslie Turley is the wife of Jonathan Turley who is an American lawyer, legal scholar, writer, commentator, and legal analyst in broadcast and print journalism.

She married her husband on New Year’s Eve in 1997. According to his website he published a blog post on December 31, 2009, he wrote “I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve. We will be going to a friend’s house and share our traditional bottle of Schramsberg Sparkling wine.”

Jonathan Turley

“This is my wedding anniversary. Eight years ago, Leslie and I eloped on New Year’s Eve after eight years of dating. (There is an ongoing dispute over calculating the event, I insist that this is our 20th anniversary but Leslie insists on not counting the eight years of dating). We always celebrate with a bottle of J. Schrams.”

Later, he added “I am cooking a turkey for our annual New Year’s soup tomorrow. We are expecting 150 friends to share in our traditional Bloody Mary’s (this year we will be doing Wasabi Bloody Marys) and our traditional soup: The Bowl of the Wife of Kit Carson Soup.”

“Everyone drive carefully and have fun. I will be giving a toast to our entire blog family tonight (and of course, my marriage).”

Leslie Turley and Jonathan Turley bought a five-bedroom, six-bath Colonial in McLean’s Chesterbrook Gardens neighborhood for $1.7 million.

Jonathan Turley Is Exhibit A That the Clinton Debacle Never Really Ended.

On December 4, 2019, he appeared before the House Judiciary Committee as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. He is a professor at George Washington University Law School, he has represented whistle-blowers, members of Congress and terrorism suspects.

On Wednesday, Jonathan Turley, to the House Judiciary Committee said “That is why this is wrong. It’s not wrong because President Trump is right. His call was anything but perfect. It’s not wrong because the House has no legitimate reason to investigate Ukrainian controversy. Point’s not wrong because we’re in an election year.”

Later, he added “There is no good time for impeachment. No, it’s wrong because this is not how you impeach an American president. This case is not a case of the unknowable. It’s a case of the peripheral. We have a record of conflicts, defenses that have not been fully considered, unsubpoenaed witnesses with material evidence. To impeach a president on this record would expose every future president to the same time of inchoate impeachment.”

Jonathan Turley Career

Jonathan Turley is a nationally recognized legal scholar who has written extensively in areas ranging from constitutional law to legal theory to tort law. After a stint at Tulane Law School, Professor Turley joined the GW Law faculty in 1990, and in 1998, became the youngest chaired professor in the school’s history.

On December 2, 2019, it was announced that Turley would testify before the House Judiciary Committee regarding the constitutional grounds for presidential impeachment in the Impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

From 1977 and 1978 he served as a House leadership page under the sponsorship of Illinois Democrat Sidney Yates. In 2008 he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Law from John Marshall Law School in recognition of his career as an advocate of civil liberties and constitutional rights.

He is the founder and executive director of the Project for Older Prisoners (POPS). He has written more than three dozen academic articles that have appeared in a variety of leading law journals including those of Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, and Northwestern Universities, among others. He most recently completed a three-part study of the historical and constitutional evolution of the military system.

Professor Turley has served as counsel in some of the most notable cases in the last two decades, including his representation of the Area 51 workers at a secret airbase in Nevada; the nuclear couriers at Oak Ridge, Tennessee; the Rocky Flats grand jury in Colorado; Dr. Eric Foretich, the husband in the Elizabeth Morgan custody controversy; and four former U.S, According to Law.Gwu.Edu.

He was ranked among the nation’s top 500 lawyers in 2008 and he was found to be the second most cited law professor in the country as well as being ranked as one of the top ten military lawyers. He also has worked as the CBS and NBC legal analyst, respectively, during national controversies.

He is a member of the USA Today board of contributors and the recipient of the “2005 Single Issue Advocate of the Year” – the annual opinion award for the Aspen Institute and The Week magazine. More than 400 of his articles on legal and policy issues regularly appear in national newspapers.

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