Kristy Ann Wilker: Indian Nurse Fired From Job: Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Facts

Kristy Ann Wilker

Kristy Ann Wilker is an Indian Nurse at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Kristy was fired from her job as a nurse at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne after her video of her ranting about Black privilege and the death of George Floyd went viral on Twitter.

In the video, she explained that “Black privilege is thinking you are deserved or entitled to something because of the color of your skin.” Later, she added “They — people, Black people especially do get special scholarships. They are also shielded from a lot of scrutinies because of the color of their skin.”

Furthermore, in the video, she said “I’m not a racist,” and added “I would never treat any patient differently, I would never treat any human being differently. I think God loves everyone. I’m on the same page. However, I don’t think that any race is above scrutiny, including Black people.”

Kristy then made comments about the death of George Floyd, she said his cause of death was ruled as “asphyxia from sustained forceful pressure,” according to an independent autopsy requested by Floyd’s family. Later, the Nurse said “Some things will always be. I have never been a part of slavery. I don’t know anything about that. I’m not raising children who know anything about that. You don’t know anything about that. So, let’s not pretend that our history — that history — not even ours because we’re taking stuff out of history, right? Teddy Roosevelt? So, let’s not pretend like that has any reflection on today’s society.”

However, after her video went viral a Twitter campaign pushed for Kristy to be fired from her job, as a result of this Lutheran Hospital confirmed to Raw Story on Wednesday that “the individual who posted those comments” is no longer employed by the establishment.

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