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Joana Sainz Garcia Wiki

Joana Sainz Garcia is a Spanish pop star was killed when an exploding firework malfunctioned and struck her onstage during a concert in Las Berlanas, Spain. The incident occurred in front of approximately 1,000 spectators.

This accident occurred just before 2 a.m. on September 1 and the band was in the middle of a song and audience members saw a big flash and heard a loud bang from the right side of the stage, then witnessed Garcia collapse.

Joana Sainz Garcia

According to authorities, the malfunctioning firework cartridge struck Garcia in the abdomen, causing severe damage to an artery. Band members immediately went over to try and help. A doctor and three nurses who were in the audience rushed onstage and provided first aid.

It took the ambulance 25 minutes to arrive. Paramedics attempted to stabilize Joana Sainz Garcia, who unconscious, and then transported her to Avila Healthcare Complex where she was pronounced dead. No reason has been given for the ambulance’s delay.

Provincial Council of Ávila President Carlos García González Avila said in a statement to Europa Pass that “Unfortunately, the name of Joana Sáinz will be forever linked to that of Las Berlanas, not for her good work on stage, but for the fatality of the incident that has ended her life.”
According to one show promoter, identified only as “Eva” by En Espanol, Garcia felt very comfortable performing dance numbers around the show’s fireworks displays. “It has shocked us all. She was a great girl: hardworking, kind, good person,” she said.

Joana Sainz Garcia Career

Joana Sainz Garcia was the best know as Joana Sainz and was Orquesta Super Hollywood’s principal dancer. She also served as the group’s choreographer and was responsible for their numerous dance routines.

Orquesta Super Hollywood is a pop band comprised of 15 stage singers, dancers, and musicians. According to En Espanol, Garcia had been with the group for six years. Moreover, this band performs in Spanish and English, and frequently covers songs by Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Kiss and Queen.

Joana Sainz Garcia and her bandmates had previously played at other celebrations in the Cantabria region. Earlier in 2019, the group had performed during the Cantabria Day festival.

Joana Sainz Garcia Age

How old was Joana Sainz Garcia? was born in 1989 and from Spain and she was 30 years old during the time of her death. However, there is not much information about her father, mother, and siblings.

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