Who is Jazmyn Forrest? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend

Jazmyn Forrest is a social media personality and influencer. Jazmyn Forrest, 24, claims she ‘feels sad for regular people’ after spending $53,000 on plastic surgery.

In the preceding six years, Sydney resident Jazmyn Forrest spent $53,000 on several breast augmentations, $44,000 on liposuction, and at least $8,800 on Botox and lip fillers. Many of the procedures have been paid for by her sugar daddy, a sweet and private’ man who allows her to maintain a six-figure lifestyle’ despite her lack of a job.

She disclosed her dramatic makeover after spending £60,000 on plastic surgery, claiming that if it weren’t for her artificial looks, she would be “working in McDonald’s.” She’s not done yet: she’s planning a forehead reduction, butt injections, veneers, and a nose procedure to get the ultimate ‘Barbie’ appearance.

Jazmyn claims that her cosmetic surgery has enabled her to live a million-dollar lifestyle, which she credits to her sugar daddy and wealthy pals. In an interview, she said I have affluent friends who spoil me and a sugar daddy who lets me live in his million-dollar mansion and pays for everything now because of all my cosmetic surgery. I don’t require employment.

At the age of eighteen, Jazmyn had her first cosmetic surgery treatment. Jazmyn also had a second £25k breast last month, which was paid for by her sugar daddy, who is a “private person” who is glad to support her lifestyle. Jazmyn, who has over 190k TikTok followers.

Forrest, who promotes her affluent lifestyle to her 190,000 TikTok followers under the name @jazmynforrest69, claims she discovered ‘from an early age’ that ‘prettier females fared better in life.’ Forrest started using sugar daddy websites when she was a kid, and when she was 18, she met a “random dude online” to pay for her first breast operation.

On onlyfans, she goes by the name @jazmynforrest and provides four level subscription plans, including $5, $12, $21, and $30.

How old is Jazmyn Forrest?

Jazmyn Forrest was born in 1997/1998 in Sydney, Australia, which means she is 24 years old.

Who is Jazmyn Forrest’s Boyfriend?

Currently, she’s in a relationship with a man, but nowhere has Jazmyn Forrest mentioned him.

How Rich is Jazmyn Forrest?

The estimated Net Worth of Jazmyn Forrest is between $100K to $300K USD.

(Image Source: Jazmyn Forrest Instagram)

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