Who is Jasmine Chiswell? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband, Height

Jasmine Chiswell is a TikToker, Influencer, and Social media personality. Born in Scotland and later moved to Los Angeles, Chiswell regularly poses for photos that have a mysterious similarity to Monroe-the mysterious similarity has gained over 11 million followers on TikTok.

Who is Jasmine Chiswell?

Jasmine Chiswell

The Glasgow, Scotland-born social media sensation rose to fame on TikTok thanks to her Marilyn Monroe-like appearance and demeanor. Jasmine has almost a million Instagram followers. Marilyn Monroe, a Hollywood icon, apparently piqued the TikToker’s curiosity and adoration when she went by the late star’s home. At the time, the house was supposedly being demolished. In the hopes of maintaining Marilyn’s home, Jasmine purchased one of hers.

She spoke with the New York Post about what it’s like to live in the same house as her hero and where she gets her ideas. She and her music producer husband found it when shopping for a property in the area in 2018. The 3,335-square-foot home overlooks Runyon Canyon and boasts an indoor-outdoor arrangement. Chiswell began creating her Monroe identity in 2017 after being inspired by a vintage store in Los Angeles.

Chiswell and her husband have made the house their home for the past two years, and She’s expecting their first child right now. Jasmine Chiswell, who graduated from NYFA’s Los Angeles campus with an MA in Film Production in 2017, is originally from Scotland but chose to stay in the city after graduation. Since then, Chiswell has channeled her passion for Hollywood glam and adopted a retro-style look, providing beauty, fashion, and cultural suggestions and information to her fans centered on the “Golden Age” era.

Chiswell was highlighted by VOGUE Magazine in 2020, and she was labeled “The Marylin Monroe of TikTok.” Chiswell and her husband not only dwell in a Spanish-style estate, but they also live in a vintage lifestyle. Where Marilyn Monroe used to live with DiMaggio, totally adopting Chiswell’s inspiration’s lifestyle. Chiswell also made headlines in February 2022 for her son’s name choice.

How old is Jasmine Chiswell?

Jasmine Chiswell

Jasmine Chiswell was born on December 9, 1993, in Scotland, which means she is 28 years old.

Who is Jasmine Chiswell Husband?

Jasmine Chiswell

Jasmine shared the news of her son’s birth with her fans on Monday, January 17, although the baby was really born the day before, on Sunday, January 16. On the same day, Maverick McNeilly, her husband, confirmed the news on his social media account. Jasmine and her husband met on a dating app and began dating after a few dates.

A Marilyn Monroe impersonator and TikTok star has said that she has received death threats as a result of her baby son’s name, Midnight.

Jasmine Chiswell Height

Jasmine Chiswell

Jasmine Chiswell stands 5 feet 4 inches tall.

How Rich is Jasmine Chiswell?

Jasmine Chiswell

The estimated Net Worth of Jasmine Chiswell is between $2 Million to $3 Million USD.

(Image Source: Jasmine Chiswell Instagram)

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