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James Lambert Otis

James Lambert Otis was born on December 27, 1963, and from Beverly Hills, California, USA. He is the CEO of Otis Lambert Financial Group since May 1998, Financialist and Nonviolent Activist.

Recently, he admitted to smashing President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame while dressed as the Incredible Hulk.

James Lambert Otis

On October 2nd, James dressed as the Incredible Hulk with a pickaxe destroyed President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Previously, he destroyed Trump’s star in 2016.

Otis pulled off the stunt early in the morning on October 2, hours after the president announced he had tested positive for the coronavirus. In an Interview with NyDailyNews, he said “I have no hatred at all for Donald Trump,” Otis said by phone from his Los Angeles home. “I just don’t agree with the things he says and does.”

According to the source, he even made arrangements with local authorities to pay $4,400 in damages for the star, he created a Youtube channel under the name “James Otis” and uploaded a video titled “The HULK obliterates Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star.”

The video description reads “Angered at Donald’s disregard for science and the environment, physicist Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk and destroys a terrazzo and brass monument commemorating the climate denier.”

Besides this, there was a stuffed Kermit the Frog wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt is sitting in a lawn chair watching the action. Later, at the end of the video Otis was seen tossed his Hulk mask onto the sidewalk and walks away from the scene.

On October 3rd, he turned himself and surrendered at the LAPD’s Hollywood Division around 11:30 a.m, then was booked into jail, and bond was set at $20,000, then was released.

Who is James Lambert Otis?

He is an heir to the Otis Elevator Company fortune and also the CEO, Otis also owns a family winery. Talk on his education he attended Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, Midland School, University of California, and The University of Texas at Austin.

James Lambert Otis

He owns a Bachelor of Arts in Political science, his family owns a billion-dollar company, and claims that its elevators move two billion people per day, in 2019 the company reported more than $13 billion in net sales.

In 2007, Trump received his Walk of Fame star and Otis targeted Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star and admitted to vandalizing the star days before the 2016 election. Then, he was ordered to pay $4,400 in 2016 to fix the star.


How old is James Lambert Otis? He was born on December 27, 1963, and from Beverly Hills, California, USA, he is 57 years old as of 2020.

He has four siblings, three brothers Morrow Otis, Jeff Otis, & Ted Otis, and a sister named Kendall Otis.


There is not much information about his wife but has two children, Julian Otis (son) and Ginger Otis (daughter). Where Julian lives in New York and Ginger lives in Los Angeles, California.

James Lambert Otis

Net Worth

His Net Worth is $450 Million USD as of 2020.

James Lambert Otis Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Wiki, Family & Facts

NameJames Lambert Otis
Nick NameJames
DOBDecember 27, 1963
Age57 Years old as of 2020
Height5 feet 10 inches tall
Weight86 KG
SiblingsMorrow Otis (Brother)
Jeff Otis (Brother)
Ted Otis (Brother) &
Kendall Otis (Sister)
KidsJulian Otis (son) &
Ginger Otis (daughter)
Net worth$450 Million USD as of 2020

(Image Source: James Lambert Otis IG)

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