Who is Cameron Heywar’s Wife, Allie Schwarzwalder?

Allie Schwarzwalder is recognized as the wife of Cameron Heyward. Cameron Heyward is the son of Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, a former NFL fullback known for playing with multiple franchises. Unfortunately, Craig Heyward passed away on May 27, 2006, at the age of 39 due to cancer.

The University of Pittsburgh legend faced a tragic end a year after a cancerous tumor metastasized to his brain. Additionally, Heyward had experienced a stroke a few years before his untimely death. It’s worth noting that information about Allie Schwarzwalder’s personal life may not be widely available in the public domain, as she might choose to keep her private life away from the spotlight. If there have been any updates or changes to this information, it is advisable to check recent and reliable sources for the latest details.

Who is Allie Schwarzwalder?

NameAllie Schwarzwalder
Net Worth$300K USD
DOBJuly 19, 1989
HusbandCameron Heyward

Allie Schwarzwalder is recognized as the wife of Cameron Heyward. Cameron and Allie got married in 2013 after meeting at Ohio State University, where they both attended. They first crossed paths during their freshman year and, according to Cameron, it was love at first sight. Cameron proposed to Allie on New Year’s Eve in 2012, and from there, they began dating, eventually tying the knot in 2013 at the Pittsburgh Hotel in Pittsburgh.

Allie Schwarzwalder

While Cameron pursued a career in football, playing in the NFL, Allie, who played volleyball in college, chose a different career path. She is currently involved in treating mental health illnesses in at-risk children. The couple has been blessed with three children, including two daughters named Chloe and Caia, and a son named Callen. Cameron places a strong emphasis on spending quality time with his family, and fatherhood holds significant importance in his life.

How old is Allie Schwarzwalder?

Allie Schwarzwalder, born on July 19, 1989, in the USA, is currently 34 years old. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about her parents and siblings at the moment. We will make efforts to gather more details about her family in the near future.

Allie Schwarzwalder

Who is Allie Schwarzwalder Husband?

Allie Schwarzwalder and Cameron Heyward entered the sacred bond of matrimony in 2013, embarking on a journey of love and commitment. Their familial joy expanded with the arrival of three beautiful children: two lovely daughters named Chloe and Caia, and a cherished son named Callen. Together, the Heyward family continues to build a life filled with love, laughter, and shared moments of happiness.

What is Allie Schwarzwalder Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Allie Schwarzwalder  is around $300K USD.

Allie Schwarzwalder

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