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Who is Zhanna Volkova? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband

Zhanna Volkova is a Russian Celebrity and Social media personality. According to a London socialite, her husband, who is Vladimir Putin’s former son-in-law, has abducted their newborn daughter and is hiding her in Moscow.

Who is Zhanna Volkova?

Zhanna Volkova is a UK-based socialite and had married Kirill Shamalov, Russia’s youngest billionaire. Zadorina is the creator of the anastaiAZadorina haute couture label as well as the Zasport label, which is the official outfitter for the Russian Olympic squad. She has previously made t-shirts with patriotic Russian messages on them.

Previously Shamalov was married to Putin’s youngest daughter Katerina Tikhonova, and their marriage ended in 2013. In 2018, Volkova and Shamalov married, and their baby was born in October through a surrogate. An associate of the socialite’s now-estranged husband has warned her against seeking to see her child. Soon after they married, Shamalov disclosed they were hoping for a child, but after numerous failed IVF efforts, they hired a surrogate.

By the time the pregnancy reached its last stages, however, the couple’s relationship had broken down, and Volkova had left for London. The couple has had no communication with the surrogate, who has been caring for their child since then. When Shamalov saw Volkova in Moscow, he admitted to having a new girlfriend and that he would not divorce Volkova because he did not want to upset her.

Shamalov’s lawyers also requested that she sign away her right to visit the infant, but she refused. Furthermore, she claims she was scared and flew out of Moscow on the earliest airplane available. ‘I heard he named her Anna, despite the fact that we had agreed on Elizabeth after Queen Elizabeth.’ According to the Daily Mail, “Russian police don’t want to know,” so “I’m opening the case here in London.”

Volkova currently lives in London with her twin sisters and a teenage son from a previous marriage. She is getting divorced from Shamalov and has a £45 million prenuptial agreement. Shamalov is rumored to be dating the daughter of a high-ranking FSB general. Last week, Anastasia Zadorina, the general’s daughter and a fashion designer, was in Dubai for Shamalov’s 40th birthday.

How old is Zhanna Volkova?

Zhanna Volkova is in her mid30s.

How Rich is Zhanna Volkova?

The estimated Net Worth of Zhanna Volkova is between $50 Million to $70 Million USD.

(Image Source: Zhanna Volkova Instagram, TheSun, DailyMail)

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