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Zeng Guo Yuan Wiki [Parrot Man], Age, Dead, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Bio

Zeng Guo Yuan Wiki

Zeng Guo Yuan aka Parrot Man was born in 1953 and from Singapore. He was a former Singaporean businessman, philanthropist, politician, author, and acupuncturist. However, he was found dead at the foot of Block 68 Geylang Bahru on Saturday night (Nov 16), According to Stomp.Straitstimes.com

Fitzy, who was neighbors with Zeng and often saw him in the neighborhood, said that she saw a stain on the ground near the block. Later, the Police were alerted to a case of unnatural death at about. 9.54 pm. “A 66-year-old man was found lying motionless at the foot of the said block and was pronounced dead at the scene by a paramedic,” a police spokesman said.

Zeng Guo Yuan Career

From 1977 and 1978, he was President of Dale Carnegie Alumni Association’s Lion Chapter of Singapore, an oratorical society. Earlier, he served as a safety officer at a Shell production platform at Pulau Bukom.

On 18 August 1991, he became a member of the Singapore-based political party Workers’ Party (WP) and was fielded as a candidate for the Bukit Timah Single Member Constituency in the 1991 Singaporean general election.

However, In the 1996 lawsuit he was involved in, Zeng stated that he contested the 1991 general election only to gain publicity for his acupuncture business. Later, he changed his focus to selling healthcare products after a string of molestation lawsuits initiated by his patients.

Apart from this, he was also a former acupuncturist and even organized acupuncture meet-ups as the president of the World Acupuncture Voluntary Organisation (WAVO). Zeng was the founder of the Prof Zeng’s Medical Centre, which used to be an Upper Serangoon Road-based acupuncture center.

He drew attention when he used photographs of President of Singapore S. R. Nathan to endorse his healthcare products, in 2007. The act was deemed as “outrageous” by one Singaporean lawyer, who added that it may constitute defamation.

Why he was known as Parrot Man?

He earned his nickname ‘Parrot Man’ in 2008 after blaming his pet parrot for getting him arrested and charged with abusive language on two police officers. He was fined $2,500.

Singaporean comedian and blogger Lee Kin Mun, better known as mrbrown, portrayed Zeng in a satirical video on the 2013 Punggol East by-election. In March 1988, a clerk filed a lawsuit against Zeng, attesting that he had “kissed her and touched her breast in his clinic” during a hair-loss and weight-gain treatment session in November 1986.

In December 1991, the owner of a white Mercedes-Benz limousine complained Zeng for not having paid for his vehicle, which he rented in November of that year, during the General Election.

Zeng Guo Yuan Family

How old was Zeng Guoyuan? He was born in 1953 and from Singapore and was 66 years old as of 2019. He was the eldest son of a clerk and a homemaker.

He only completed secondary school but he claims to have “a Doctor in Science degree, a Doctor in Medicine degree and a Ph.D. in Complementary Medicine.” In 2002, Zeng self-published a book on the September 11 attacks, titled Why The World Trade Centre Collapse So So Fast?.

Zeng Guo Yuan Wife

He was married to Lili Han Yizi and this couple shared two sons King Yee and King Yew. Zeng is notable for his unorthodox, Arab-style clothing, often appearing in his “signature” thawb, accompanied by either a red-and-white keffiyeh or a golden scarf.

Zeng was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014 and this necessitated the excision of his entire nose, which led to significant facial disfigurement.

Zeng Guo Yuan Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth of him is under review.

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