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YBC Bam was 18 years old St. Louis-area Rapper he was shot dead on June 4th and his real name was Sean Williams. Southern Illinois hip-hop platform 619 Hip-Hop tweeted that he was shot dead in Granite City, Illinois.

His last Instagram post he shared was with his mother, the caption on the photo reads “I love you, baby boy! I’m going to truly miss my mini-me, my twin! A part of my is broken! #RIHBAM.”

On his Instagram page he had more than 30,000 followers and his moniker Alejandro Sosa was the name of one of the antagonists in the 1983 movie, Scarface. He released one album, Life of a Yungin’, during his career.

The shooting took place at around 10:00 p.m in the Granite City on June 4. YBC Bam’s final tweet came on June 3. It read, “BLACK POWER!”

He was in a relationship with his Girlfriend Ashaia Rivera and she paid tribute to the rapper on Instagram Story, she wrote.

“Y’all don’t know him how I know him and he was just so f****n perfect in my eyes I can’t believe God let this happen. I’m so angry and hurt. My blood is boiling I love him so much this boy is my backbone/rod/best friend/first love and now I’m forced to let all that go. We so close I can feel him he is apart of me and I just feel his anger.”

Later, she took to Twitter and wrote “Ion has no heart. Bam was my heart & he went. He knows he was my heart & motivation & I wish we could live our lives as we planned. I keep ranting because I wish I could just talk to him. I never imagined life without my baby. im so angry.”

On June 1st, he wrote on Instagram “All the L’s a ni**a done took all the pain a ni**a done endured. Ion thinks shit kould fix my heart LONGLIVEKSTATE.”

On user wrote on the Instagram post “who knew he was gone be next, smh rip.”

Then, in September he wrote about his Mother how supportive she was in building his career, he wrote.

“This a throwbakk pic like 3 yrs ago… But time been flying  and I just wana say I appreciate this woman alot, she done taught me so much and done showed me so much. and the only thing I wana do is jus make her happy. Ik I done putchu thru so much where it done affected u & I dont ever want u to worry about anything or stressing over me but that lmk that u kare, & alot of mamas give up on they kids after so many times but u neva did. Ik I kome off wrong alot and have alot of disrespectful ways that I need work on & I will. But I also have alot of anger built inside me and everytime I see ur face it reminds me that its a bigger picture. you’re one of the strongest females Ive ever seen. u & my granny I love you.”

Some of the pople who Tributed to YBC Bam is basketball star E.J. Liddell and the University of Kentucky basketball commit Cam’Ron Fletcher as well as rappers Zay Hilfigerrr and St. Louis hip-hop star Luh Kel.

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