Who is TikTok User Momoispimpin? Wiki, Biography, Age, and Facts

Momoispimpin is a TikTok User. Momoispimpin, a TikTok user, went viral on the app and on social media after recording a video of himself getting tasered by cops. The video has now been removed from the platform, but not before it was captured and extensively shared.

Who is Momoispimpin?

After recording a video of himself being tasered by cops, TikTok user, Momoispimpin went viral on the app and on social media. The video has since been taken down from the platform, but not before it was widely recorded and shared. Viewers have been drawn in by the video’s frightening nature.

Momoispimpin is a TikTok user who has 355.6k likes on his videos and has 12.2k followers. Momo, on the other hand, has kept his personal life private. He hasn’t released many videos as of this writing, but his third video presented a sample of a terrifying incident he had with cops, which instantly went viral.

MoMoIsPimpin can be seen sitting in his car with his phone in his hand before the cops tell him to exit the vehicle in the now-deleted video. One of the officers appeared to be armed. The cops tell him to open the door and take his seatbelt off slowly. Momoispimpin is repeatedly asked to put his phone down by an officer who looks to be brandishing a pistol.

The TikTok has often stated that he will not put his phone down for his own safety. Officers approach him and taser him. The video received some attention online before being pulled down; however, it’s unclear whether TikTok or the original user was responsible for its removal. It is currently unknown why this occurrence occurred or what occurred afterward. Momo has yet to explain what happened on his TikTok account, according to many users.

How old is Momoispimpin?

Momoispimpin is in his mid20s.

(Image Source: Momoispimpin TikTok)

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