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Who is Tattoo Artist Chelsie Taylor? Wiki, Biography, Age, TikTok, Instagram

Chelsie Taylor is a Tattoo Artist, Tiktoker, and Social media personality. Recently, Chelsie Taylor, nonsense ink on TikTok, explains how she got back at a client who made a sexist remark.

Who is Chelsie Taylor?

Chelsie Taylor on Instagram goes by the name nonsense_ink and has another Instagram Account under the name skindeeptattoola. She’s gone viral on TikTok after tattooing a client with unwanted and potentially humiliating tattoos after they made a sexist remark.

A tattoo artist became viral on TikTok after applying some unwanted and unpleasant ink to them when a customer made a misogynistic remark. But, of course, nobody wants to be a victim of sexism, particularly at work. “I had a sexist client today tell me ‘you tattoo good for a girl,’ now he has a hidden d*** on his arm,” Taylor said in a twirly video.

It has received over 2.5 million views and 560,000 likes, while critics were split on whether the spiteful act was justified. Even though she didn’t give any photographs of her work, some commenters took issue with her vandalizing a man’s body, even suggesting she may be sued.

One person asked, “are you trying to get sued?” “Absolutely,” Taylor replied with a laughing emoji. Of course, this story could be fake, but it should serve as a warning to anyone thinking about getting a tattoo: don’t upset the person who will be using a needle on you.

How old is Chelsie Taylor?

Chelsie Taylor is in her mid20.

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