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Who is Pastor Stewart Allen Clark? Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Stewart Allen Clark is serving as the pastor of the First General Baptist Church in Malden, Missouri and now he’s on leave after he said wives should make themselves sexually available to their husbands, “lose weight,” and look less “butch.”

Yes, you heard it right! last month Allen made this comment, and Malden First General Baptist Church released a statement that reads “As of March 2, 2021, Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark has taken a leave of absence and is seeking professional counseling.”

His video has created a controversy because of his views on women and also referenced former First Lady Melania Trump and urged other women to follow her looks and figure. However, this cost him very much and now on the leave and Stewart-Allen Clark at the Malden First General Baptist Church is temporarily no longer preaching after a video of the sermon went viral.

The video was first made public by the artist Reagan Williams, he uploaded this 22-minute video on Facebook and wrote “Now look, I’m not saying that every woman can be the epic trophy wife of all time like Melania Trump,” he said. “All I can say is not everybody looks like that, amen? But you don’t need to look like a butch either!.”

In the video Pastor, Allen said He says that lusting after other women in a relationship or marriage is acceptable if you are not perfectly up to par with the man’s expectations and implies you should be blamed if the man cheats or fails you. He objectifies women, antagonizes them, and practices sexism, all while acting like it’s hip or cool.

He also claims your looks should be only of what the man wants and you should have zero bodily autonomy and zero individuality which is abusive and controlling.

He states he no longer practices marital counseling which is a good thing. He should not be in that kind of space with his toxic and damaging ideology. Honestly, he should not be a preacher either.

The video ended with this question to the congregation: “Why is it so many times that women, after they get married, let themselves go?” and also added “Scientists have discovered, by the way, food that diminishes the woman’s sex drive. It’s called the wedding cake.’”

After the video went viral the church’s Facebook page was deleted. and the church outlines its values as “We love God. We love God’s people. We love our community.” Under “our vision,” the church explains, “It’s a New Day! Our vision is to be an upbeat and celebratory church, making disciples, and adding value to our community. Isaiah 43:19 – ‘Behold, I am doing a new thing….’”

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