Who is Grandma Droniak? Wiki, Biography, Age, Who is Bertha?

Grandma Droniak is a Social Media Personality. Many people have become obsessed with her laid-back demeanor after she addressed some essential principles that she’d like guests to her funeral to follow. Lillian Droniak, 92, is one of the most well-known grandmas on social media, with 3.8 million TikTok followers and ‘CEO of all grandmas’ on her Instagram account.

Who is Grandma Droniak?

Grandma Droniak

For her funeral, TikTok’s Grandma Droniak has a few simple wishes — or demands, to be more precise. Droniak is known for offering sarcastic advice and news broadcasts from her life as a single senior at 92. At the same time, her full identity and location remain a surprise to most of her followers. Grandma Droniak is the grandmother of Kevin Droniak, a 24-year-old YouTube sensation who rose to fame after posting videos of her on the site.

Grandma Droniak has over 3.2 million TikTok followers, who have become obsessed with Droniak’s modest set of funeral customs. As the video goes viral, more TikTok users ask things, including why Droniak has a beef with Bertha?

The internet is hysterically over a now-viral video describing one grandmother’s funeral instructions. Grandma Droniak’s video, which she submitted to TikTok on Thursday, has received over 11 million views.

Aside from vlogs with her grandson Kevin, Grandma Droniak has a devoted TikTok following obsessed with her funeral customs. Droniak expressed her plain wishes in the caption, “it won’t be any time soon but don’t forget.”

“These are my funeral rules,” Droniak says in the latest TikTok video, which has already received over 7 million views. “Cry if you want, but don’t cry too much.” Make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself.” “Bertha is not welcome.” “Please don’t let her in.” “And then you’d better get drunk.” Take a stab at it for me!” [As an afterthought, Grandma Droniak clarified in the comments section that being drunk “during” the memorial is also OK.].”

The question on everyone’s mind is who Bertha is and what she did to become Grandma Droniak. Viewers were eager to learn more about Bertha, including who she is and why she is being barred from Droniak’s burial. Droniak has established a committed following of over 3.8 million fans since joining TikTok in 2019. Of course, she isn’t the only senior to find success on the video-sharing app.

How old is Grandma Droniak?

Grandma Droniak

Grandma Droniak was born in 1929/1930, which means she is 92 years old. Jane is the name of her daughter-in-law. She was born and raised in Shelton, Connecticut.

(Image Source: Grandma Droniak Instagram)

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