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Who was Val Broeksmit? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife

Val Broeksmit was a Musician and best known as the son of the late Deutsche Bank executive. Sgt. Rudy Perez of the Los Angeles School Police Department stated in an email that the corpse of Valentin Broeksmit, 46, was discovered soon before 7 a.m. Monday at Woodrow Wilson High School.

A police official said Wednesday that a suspected federal informant and whistleblower who went missing after he was alleged to have given over a trove of confidential papers regarding Deutsche Bank was discovered dead at a Los Angeles school this week.

A cause of death is not included in the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner records. Coroner’s Authorities do not suspect foul play, according to Los Angeles Police Capt. Kenneth Cabrera, who spoke to the Los Angeles Times. Broeksmit was last seen driving a red Mini Cooper on Riverside Drive on April 6, 2021, and was reported missing by relatives later that day, according to Los Angeles police.

Who was Val Broeksmit?

Val Broeksmit was a Musician, Actor, and Producer. In 2004, he produced Knifefighter, and then he produced Bob Schneider Live in Concert, The Gravedancers, Human Giant, and Paranormal Camcorder. Val Broeksmit is the driving spark behind Bikini Robot Army, which has released 33 albums. Val is a multi-instrumentalist who plays seven instruments and is the band’s songwriter/lyricist, having written over 700 songs.

The curator of the Sony Hack Documents and Emails, Val Broeksmit, gained headlines in 2014/2015 during the Sony Hack. His prolific tweeting of the Sony Emails and papers created international news.

Until he passed the documents to numerous news sites, he was the lone disseminator. He believes he had no choice but to hand up the documents to avoid a lawsuit from Sony’s David Boies. The Sony documents were provided to him by the mysterious Guardians Of Peace hackers (GOP).

Val Broeksmit is the son of William S. Broeksmit, a derivatives pioneer and high-profile banker. Broeksmit, the brilliant investment banker who invented derivatives/swaps at Deutsche Bank.

While working at Merrill Lynch in the early 1980s, William S. Broeksmit is credited with inventing these financial products: CDOs and CDS – derivatives, swaps, and derivative trading. In 2014, William Broeksmit’s suicide gained international news, sparking the so-called Banker Suicides.

How old was Val Broeksmit?

Val Broeksmit was born in 1976, and he was 46 years old during his time of death.

Who was Val Broeksmit Wife?

However, there is not much information about Val Broeksmit’s wife and kids.

How Rich was Val Broeksmit?

The estimated Net Worth of Val Broeksmit was between $3 Million to $5 Million USD.

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