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Top 12 Solar Vehicles is the Future (Latest) walikali

Solar Vehicle

Sun is the ultimate source, more imperative for the universe all kinds of animal and plant species living on earth planet. Earth is a beautiful planet, all the natural resources on the earth address depleting and the sun has taken a center stage in this generation. The whole world could be completely reliant on the sun in the upcoming future.

Solar cells are made up of silicon that is the second most abundant element on the earth, the most efficient solar cells have the capacity to convert 46% available sunlight into electricity and in commercial system 15-20%.

Solar Vehicle


Top 12 solar vehicles

  1. Solar Impulse

A solar impulse is a plane, it’s only powered by the sun. It travels up to 50 miles per hour with a Mach speed of 0.065. It’s quite a difficulty to tackle because of lightweight and sensitive to air turbulence, it’s wedding span is 747 is almost a weight of a car, this has given the indication, future vehicles could be made up of solar panels.

  1. Sunseeker Duo.

It’s the world largest solar battery project in the aviation sector. It is a completely solar-powered airplane. It has 20kw direct drive motor, kW solar power vehicle. The power that it produces can generate will power up to 400 Houses. Currently, China is said to be the world’s largest manufacturer for Solar Power.

  1. Stela Vie solar car.

This car is designed and developed by EINDHOVEN university technology of a five-seat solar car. It is the third solar-powered car in the world. It travels for 650 miles on a single charge with a speed of 80km/h.

The Surplus energy that is generated by the Stela Vie Solar car can be supplied back to the electric grid or the house. This solar-powered vehicle may be the world’s first solar-powered family solar car developed by the Netherlands Eindhoven University of Technology.

A new Stella Lux has also been introduced and it contains passenger-friendly interior. It can travel to a range of 1,200 Km with a top speed of 125km/h.  in 2015 the designer team has won another cup for Stela Vie solar car.

  1. Sun toucher

Sun toucher is a two-seat solar-powered aircraft, the concept, and design and developed by Samuel nice. It has the capability of flying several hundred miles without fuel, the average speed is 1000km/h, and it is created eco-friendly. The Ariel Solar powered vehicle is designed environmental in a friendly way and can fly over long distances with an average speed of 100km/h.

  1. Stanford sunshine car

It is a solar powered car, it is designed for racing events. It has the advanced and sustainable technology, it has revolutionized design and in the field of Sophisticated technology. This Stanford car project gives an opportunity for young graduate students in enhancing solar technology and developing a more eco-friendly and greener transport.

  1. Vemoo

Vemoo is a fully enclosed and solar vehicle it is an electric bicycle. The battery of this vehicle charge by a solar panel. It can travel up to 30km/hr. An 80-watt Solar power panel will be placed on the roof of the vehicle that is used to charge the battery. This also contains an advanced navigation system that is very useful for driving.

  1. Energy Solar Car

It is a solar powered car and electric by hanergy. The Audi Company had approached and requested the technology to be transferred and built a new prototype.

  1. Sion solar vehicle

Soon solar vehicle is an eco-friendly electric hybrid car. The use of solar cell providing 30km/hr, transport eco-friendly.

  1. Sun swift EVE

It is one of the world fastest solar vehicle. It can travel a distance of 500km, it was created by Australia university of new southern Wales. It has high efficiency, the range is 800km all without using a drop of fuel.

  1. Heliateks

Heliateks is German-based solar vehicle company. This car is covered entirely with solar coatings, cars are charged during the sunny sports.

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11.MS Turanor Planetsolar

It is a boat completely solar powered panel, designed for utilizing renewable energy. It is one of the largest solar ships. It made a record of completing 585 day trip around the world.

  1. Solar wave 62.

It is a solar powered ship cruising speed of 6to7 knots during sunny days. It has built complete with a solar panel, used photovoltaic cells to power the ship to travel.

All the countries are actively involved in developing solar vehicles, to make the world pollutant free and keep the environment healthy and to avoid the loss of energies, which were easily get from the nature and universe after electrical vehicles India is looking forward for the solar vehicle for future benefit to avoid unnecessary expenditure on government tax.

The government wanted, to India should free from the non-renewable energy vehicles in the year 2030. This strong decision government planned to do this programme in India, vehicles are going to be a manufacturer in India.