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Who is Thadd Boii? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend

Thadd Boii is a Youtuber, Singer, and Social media personality. Thadd Boii is now making headlines for various reasons, and many of his fans and followers are interested in learning more about his personal life. This article will provide you with all of the necessary information. You may discover Thadd Boii’s career, Girlfriend, Wikipedia biography, and more by scrolling down. So, since we’re speeding through time, why don’t we talk about it?

Who is Thadd Boii?

Thadd Boii is an Singer and Youtuber. He has a Youtube channel under his name and boasts 350k subscribers during the time of writing. He joined Youtube on September 13, 2018, and uploaded the first-ever video on November 2, 2018, titled “CAN’T STOP ME – THADDBOII,” which was viewed over 3.7k times.

The most-watched video on his channel is “Public High School Cafeteris in California vs Texas,” it’s a short video that gained 21 million views. Later, his other most-watched video also shorts, including “When you make a sandwich vs when you mom makes the same sandwhich,” “Kids swear they’ll never to drugs when they grow up,” and many more.

Looking at his music career, he published several songs, including “I F*cked Your Friend,” “She from Outta Town,” “ThaddBoii Story 1,” “Alter Ego,” “Ribbet Ribbet,” “ThaddBoii Story 1 Extended,” “What You Know,” “Get It Back,” “Way Back,” “D Too Rich,” and “Poppin Shit.”

Besides, he has a website under his name where he promotes his music and other stuff. On Instagram, he has 102k followers, and on TikTok, he has 2.4 Million plus followers. Thadd Boi earns money as a Product Affiliate through the company’s several web-based media platforms. Thadd Boi earns money by selling the brand or products on social media and receiving a fee from each sale, which is his primary source of revenue. He also generates money through brand agreements.

How old is Thadd Boii?

Thadd Boii is in his 20s. However, there is minimal information about his father, mother, and siblings.

Who is Thadd Boii Girlfriend?

Digging through his Instagram account, we didn’t find any information about his girlfriend, or about his previous relationship, so we cant assume that he’s in a relationship or deny he’s single.

How Rich is Thadd Boii?

The estimated Net Worth of Thadd Boii is between $300K to $500K USD.

(Image Source: Thadd Boii Instagram)

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