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Tejas mark 3 : Specification & Upgrades [Latest News 2018]

Tejas mark 3

The Tejas mark 3 it’s the future project of DRDO (ADA), this aeronautical development agency is planned and working for the redesigning and upgrade of Tejas Mark2, ADA had made a strategy to develop the stealth fighter light combat aircraft. The chief of DRDO stated that Tejas is having many features of stealth fighter aircraft, Tejas aircraft full fill the requirement of Indian air force.

The wing of Tejas is made up of composite materials, the current contemporary aircraft is having digital fly by wire control system. The ADA is designed the cockpit for the Tejas mark 3, to make easier for the pilot to operate. A glass cockpit is incorporated in the Tejas mark 3, which helps the pilot, to see the information on the real-time display in the cockpit.

Tejas mark 3

IMAGE SOURCE ADA (Aeronautical Development Agency)

Tejas mark 3 it’s complete eco-friendly design and built its own indigenous aircraft for the country. The ADA is working for the advancement for the fifth generation fighter aircraft.

Tejas is a single engine aircraft, designed and developed by DRDO. General electric engine is fitted in the Tejas aircraft for the good performance, lightweight and has a high strength to weight ratio.

Tejas mark 3 is equipped with advanced equipment and avionics than the Tejas mark 2. Tejas aircraft is made with the use of 70%of composite materials.

Upgradation of Tejas mark 3

DRDO had decided to build Tejas Mark3 with CFC and use of 70%composite

Reducing exhaust temperature from the engine to maintain the stability of the aircraft and also focused on the infrared signature.

The use of CFC material in the Tejas mark 3 gave the stability to the aircraft, this really helps to perform natural and reduces the cost of flow, the surface of the components are made up of 90%CFC and 45%composite content.

DRDO is made a strategy to initiate the stealth fighter aircraft programme and to make more power and strengthen the Indian air force. Tejas mark 3 is capable to detract fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft and UCAV.

Tejas mark 3 is having stealth fighter aircraft characteristics and more advanced than mark 2.

ADA is focused on hot some radar should be integrated with unmanned aircraft and aerostat to permit biostatistics operation of empty weight is to be around 18 metric ton.

The ADA is focused to make use of electronically scanned array radar and more deeply focused for the advance work on observable air vehicle of air shapes are thrust vector and use control with elevator to assist to control flying wing.

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Is HAL Tejas is world ranking?

Because of its sophisticated design, stability, and maneuverability.

The use of carbon fiber composite CFC reduces the weight of aircraft helped to perform, effectively.

Incorporation of quadrant duplex flies by wire flight control system to handle pilot with easily.

Head up display cockpit which is fully digital easy to operate for the pilot.

It has compound Delta wing.

Multi-mode radar assists to operate in the subconscious of air to air and air to surface for the midsummer launch more effectively.

Tejas is an air superior vehicle, it’s a precursor to the UCAV, may be the most ambitious unmanned program in DRDO.

DRDO was made a strategy to install Kaveri engine into indigenously built Tejas fighter aircraft, due to minor problems in the Kaveri engine, DRDO left this plan and installed the general electric engine, it is a lightweight and high thrust efficient having good performance and more proficient engine.

India’s is planning to developed 4th generation Tejas fighter aircraft into the 5th generation. DRDO is redesigning Tejas to make stealth medium multirole combat fighter aircraft.

Tejas is considered one of the best fighter aircraft, because of its maneuverability and performance, HAL is manufacturing 100 fighter aircraft for Indian air force. India ministry of defense made to the manufacturer in India, to strengthening the Indian squadron system.

Tejas is India indigenously developed aircraft and it is redesigning to make more stable and to include stealth fighter aircraft technology. It really strengthens the Indian defense system, so that enemy countries should not involve in any illegal activities, against India. Indian research development organization is putting strive, for redesigning.

ADA is an autonomous body has taken responsibility of redesigning of landing gear and aircraft design. GTRE is planned to fit Kaveri engine into Tejas mark 3, it has minor problems so that air force decided to not to induce. Tejas is more overlooking forward to complete this ambitious project, and to complete its manufacturing by HAL under the guidance of aeronautical development agency (ADA).

It is medium multi-role combat fighter aircraft having, good range and endurance. Tejas is currently in Indian service, the Indian ministry of defense is also telling HAL to manufacture a large number of the fleet for Indian airforce. Tejas is, day by day in the news because, the Indian scientist are planning to make it as a world-class fighter aircraft.