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Sarah Marantz Lindenberg Wiki [NITE CAP], Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Sarah Marantz Lindenberg

Sarah Marantz Lindenberg is the is the marketing & E-commerce director For Pink Tartan and Founder and President of NITE CAP. However, her new bonnet “NiteCaps” for $98 had created controversy and many people think that a white woman would claim to have created something that has long been used by Black women.

The major issue is she did not invent the bonnet and in an interview with Fashion Magazine, Marantz Lindenberg claims that her “concept came out of a problem that needed solving.”

Later, she even quoted as saying she was preparing for her wedding and, “like a lot of brides, wanted everything to be perfect.” But she had pimples. She said she consulted with two doctors: “A dermatologist recommended that I sleep with my hair pulled back. Another physician recommended I try silk scarves…”

She said that she noticed if her hair wasn’t in her face, her acne cleared up. And, she discovered that sleeping with silk scarves in her hair made it “shinier, thicker, and my blowouts lasted longer.”

In an interview Fashion Magazine she says that her “concept” was borne out of a frustration with acne breakouts before her wedding, and she said after consulting with two doctors, both of whom suggested she get her hair away from her face at night, she “created” a bonnet, in this case silk and costing nearly $100.

Sarah received backlash from several black women on a user in twitter named Ambrosious wrote “So let me get something straight. A white woman is capitalizing on satin bonnets(FOR NINETY-EIGHT GOTDAMN DOLLARS) as if it’s some new thing she just invented. My black grandma who yelled at me for not keeping my bonnet on overnight is rolling in her damn grave, I just know it.”

Another user wrote “Please stop appropriating everything from Black people, pretending you invented it, then charging tons of money for it. Those are sleep bonnets, and they’ve been available in every beauty supply store since forever.”

Forbes magazine said her product was among the ‘Best the World of Wellness Has to Offer,’ However, Sarah Instagram has been set to private after the Outcry but on the NiteCap Instagram page, she wrote:

“NiteCap was developed because I was searching for a product that looked and performed exactly the way I wanted, for my personal use. It was important to me that the product was produced locally in Canada and made from natural fabrics.‬ A small business grew quickly, but in the process, I failed to connect it back to the broader historical context.‬ ‭We stand with those who are hurt, and we respect and hear their voices. We’re committed to honoring the historical significance of hair wrapping and this will now be part of our approach.”

Sarah Marantz Lindenberg Career

Sarah completed her Education from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelor of Science. Then, she enrolled at George Brown College and graduated with a Diploma, Strategic Relationship Marketing.

Later, she attained Univesity of Oxford and University of Colorado Boulder and completed the Course in Horticulture Therapy. After graduating she started her career as Sales Associate and Fashion Show Coordinator at Betsey Johnson.

In 2007, she joined St. Joseph Communications, Media Group as Marketing Intern and served there for a year. Then, she joined Anna Sui as Marketing and Public Relations Assitant. Furthermore, she served in VITA Daily as the Content creator.

Between 2009 to 2011 Sarah served as Executive Assitant to President & CEO of PINK TARTAN. Curently, she is an E-Commerce Advisor at Phoyo and Founder and President of NITE CAP.

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