Who is Romain Bonnet? Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Biography, Wife, Kids

Romain Bonnet is a social media personality and spouse of Mary Fitzgerald. In mid-January, Romain and his wife Mary, who married in 2019, moved into a luxurious new home in LA.

‘Selling Sunset’ is the one program you don’t want to miss if you’re searching for a dash of drama, tragedy, and a lot of money. The Oppenheim Group, controlled by the top brokers in the Los Angeles market, is the subject of this series.

Romain Bonnet of Selling Sunset has been on the show since the beginning. In the first episode of the Netflix reality show, he was presented to us as Mary Fitzgerald’s hot younger lover. But now that the pair is married, it feels like a lifetime ago!

Romain has been a major issue on Selling Sunset for all three seasons, as viewers will know. When he’s on-screen, there’s never a boring moment, whether it’s rumors about his relationship with Mary or conflict with Davina Potratz.

Who is Romain Bonnet?

Romain Bonnet

In the first season of ‘Selling Sunset,’ Romain Bonnet, Mary Fitzgerald’s husband, appeared. Romain was born in France on June 18, 1993, which explains his excellent accent on the show.

He began his career in Hollywood as a pastry chef before joining The Oppenheim Group as a project manager. He is regarded as a terrific leader and a hard worker by the cast of the program. He is the project manager for a number of listings in the program and plays an important role in each one.

In both New York and Los Angeles, Bonnet is represented by the Wilhelmina agency, which is two big contracts. His profession took him to Hollywood, where he began his adventure.

Years ago, he relocated from France to Los Angeles to seek a modeling career. His family is still in France, but they traveled to Los Angeles for his and Mary’s wedding, which we all watched at the end of Selling Sunset season two.

Romain and Mary’s relationship was the subject of much suspicion on the program, with some of the girls and fans claiming that he was only with Mary for her money or that she was the primary breadwinner in the relationship. That isn’t the case, though.

On Romain’s numerous shirtless Instagram posts, the tattoo on his chest is prominent. If you can look away from his six-pack, you’ll see “Impossible is nothing” written on the script.

Romain is accessible on VidSig and Cameo if the current episodes of Selling Sunset aren’t enough. For $100 a piece, he’s giving brief snippets on both platforms, or you can upgrade to a $300 three-minute live video conversation.

How old is Romain Bonnet?

Romain Bonnet

Romain Bonnet was born on June 18, 1993, in France, which means he is 28 years old.

Know About Romain Bonnet’s Relationship?

Romain Bonnet

Currently, Romain Bonnet is married to Mary Fitzgerald. Romain is four years younger than her kid; thus, they are closer in age. Mary is a lot younger than him (12 years), but it doesn’t seem to bother him. At first, it looked that their age difference would cause a schism between them.

When the first season of Selling Sunset began filming, Romain and Mary were reportedly already married. According to a marriage license and certificate acquired by TMZ, the pair married on March 9, 2018, at the Ventura Courthouse.

How Rich is Romain Bonnet?

Romain Bonnet

The estimated Net Worth of Romain Bonnet is between $400K to $800K USD.

(Image Source: Romain Bonnet Instagram)

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