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Roaring Kitty Wiki [Keith Gill], Biography, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Height

Roaring Kitty aka Keith Gill was born in 1987 and from the USA, he is a financial advisor from Massachusetts, Youtuber, and Reddit influencer, Kitty now in the media headlines after he helped spark the wild GameStop craze, driving up its stock prices and upending the market.

According to the source, Roaring Kitty and Reddit user DeepF***ingValue helped direct the world’s attention to GameStop and managed to attract a flood of retail cash. Furthermore, the video game retailer GameStop shares rose another 70 percent on Friday in a staggering rally driven by small investors on the online forum Reddit that has seen the stock surge 1,800 since the beginning of January.

However, the users are threatening a class action suit as Robinhood barred trading on GameStop.

Who is Roaring Kitty aka Keith Gill?

He is a 34 years old financial advisor from Massachusetts and even served for MassMutual insurance. On January 29, 2021, GameStop shares rose another 70 percent and this made him incredibly rich in the span of a few days.

In an Interview with the Wall Street Journal, Keith Gill said “I didn’t expect this,” and added “I thought this trade would be successful,” also he said, “but I never expected what happened over the past week.”

Recently, he shared a screenshot of his brokerage account showing a roughly $20 million daily gain on his GameStop stock and options after the company’s shares hit an intraday high of $380. Then, Gill shared another screenshot that showed a $15 million loss.

On January 28th, his E*Trade account held around $33 million, including GameStop stock, options, and millions in cash. On Youtube, he provides personal investment advice or stock recommendations during the stream.

He started his Youtube channel in 2015 and his channel bio reads “The Roaring Kitty channel revolves around educational live streams where I share my daily routine of tracking stocks and performing investment research.” On his channel he boasts 181k subscribers and his highest watched video is “The Big Short SQUEEZE from $5 to $50? Could GameStop stock (GME) explode higher?? Value investing!” during the time of writing it has received 248k views.

Gill recently worked in marketing for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. In his career, he served as a Chartered Financial Analyst and was also the director of financial wellness education at MassMutual and president of Debris Publishing Inc.

Also, he served as an investment operations officer at LexShares. Talking about his education, he attended Stonehill College and studied accounting, in 2014 he was photographed playing at World Cup for the card game Wizard in Rome.


How old is Roaring Kitty? He was born in 1987 and from Brockton, Massachusetts, USA, he is 34 years old as of 2021.

He was born to Steven and Elaine Gill, he has two siblings Sara (28) and brother, Kevin (15).

His brother Kevin Gill, shared a story about Roaring Kitty and wrote on Facebook, “Um yeah. So my brother is kinda famous now.”


He is married to Caroline Gill and they share one kid, the duo lives in a three-bed home in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Net Worth

His Net Worth is $34 Million USD as of 2021.

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