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Raphaël Coleman Wiki

Raphaël Coleman was born on September 30, 1994, and from London, England, UK. He was a British activist, former actor and best known for his role as Eric Brown in the 2005 film, starring Emma Thompson and Colin Firth.

On Feb7th he passed away at the age of 25 and his death was confirmed by his mother Liz Jensen in a statement on Twitter. She wrote “he died doing what he loved” and added she wants to “celebrate all he achieved in his short life and cherish his legacy”.

Raphaël Coleman Career

He was an actor, known for Nanny McPhee (2005), The Fourth Kind (2009) and It’s Alive (2009). He died on February 6, 2020. He started his career at the age of 11 and he starred opposite Emma Thompson and Colin Firth in the 2005 family comedy and had subsequent roles in films such as It’s Alive, Edward’s Turmoil and The Fourth Kind.

Then, Raphaël Coleman went on to study as a wildlife conservationist before joining Extinction Rebellion, for whom he worked as a video recorder and on its social media channels. It was then he assumed the name James “Iggy” Fox.

Raphael won an award in 2010 for his actions and he was given the best young actor award by the British Independent Film Festival for a performance in the short film Edward’s Turmoil. Then, he also won an award at the Brussels Short Film Festival in 2010.

In August 2019, he was arrested at a protest outside the Brazilian embassy. “On August 13th, six of us were arrested at London’s Brazilian Embassy for taking non-violent direct action to highlight an ecological and human rights emergency. We did it as two thousand Indigenous women marched on Brasilia to defend their lives and lands, and three days after the Dias do Fogo when thousands of fires were lit to clear deforested land in the Amazon” Rebellion.earth reports.

Later, the Publication reported “I don’t want to go to prison, but I’ll face whatever I need to. My actions aren’t about to sacrifice or arrest for the sake of it. Knowing the science, I have no choice but, to tell the truth, and stick to my morals in the face of that truth. I won’t stand by and watch the world burn.”

Raphaël Coleman Family

How old was Raphaël Coleman? He was born on September 30, 1994, and from London, England, UK and he is 25 years old as of 2019. According to the source he died after collapsing on a run and his stepfather said He had “no prior health problems.”

His stepfather Carsten Jensen wrote a lengthy post he wrote “Surely there is nothing that makes one experience death as unjust and meaningless as when a young person dies. It is life itself that is sabotaged. It just so happened to my wife, Liz, whose youngest son, Raph at just 25, passed away last Thursday. He collapsed without any prior health problems in the middle of a jogging trip and could not be revived. I got to know Raph when he was six years old and we were so close.”

“Dear friends, readers, and followers. I have never wanted to use this Facebook page for private purposes. This is where I try to orient myself in a chaotic world, analyze and explain my attitudes. When I choose to tell you about Raph’s death anyway, it’s not just because the loss of him will affect me forever. It is also because I see in him the hope that a new youth in the midst of the climate crisis has kindled in us.”

Then, he wrote “Who was Raph? As a child, he was old-fashioned, extremely literate, and loved teaching the adults with his always astounding knowledge. He was a child actor, starring in the popular British comedy Nanny McPhee, where he played with great talent himself, a little red-haired boy who was always mixing explosive chemical ingredients. He had multiple roles, was awarded awards and could have chosen a career as an actor. But he wanted to be a scientist, not as a figure in Nanny McPhee to blow something up in the air, but to save the planet.”

“I have posted a link in memory of him. Not one of his speakers at London’s seats, but a self-recorded dance video on the outskirts of Bangkok in a closed mall that the jungle is about to conquer. The video is a tribute to the joy of life, the sheer lustful presence, and it shows how Raph, in everything he did, made every effort to do his best and generously give of his own kingdom itself.”

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