Who is Ranboo? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Height

Ranboo is a Minecraft broadcaster that can be seen on Twitch and YouTube. He recently came out to his fans and followers on Twitter. The decision was praised by the community, which had been doubtful about his sexuality for a long time.

The streamer has always been unclear about his sexuality, just hinting at it now and again. So, in response to his previous article, he Tweeted “/srs” to reaffirm his point, but the phrase has left everyone baffled as to what it means.

Since being active on YouTube and Twitch, the YouTuber has been connecting with his viewers. However, it wasn’t until April 24 that he revealed his sexuality and broke his quiet.

His fellow YouTubers and followers greeted his statement with applause, praising the social media star for breaking his quiet. Ranboo came out to his followers in a series of tweets. The YouTuber implied that he had always been outspoken about his sexuality and that he didn’t feel compelled to clarify anything.

Because some of his followers were unsure if his coming out was simply a rumor, Ranboo decided to confirm everything and make things simpler for them by commenting on it.

Who is Ranboo?

Ranboo is a YouTube and Twitch broadcaster from the United States. He is well-known for his Minecraft gameplay videos and collaborations with other players. Ranboo is a member of the Dream SMP Minecraft server, with about 45 million views and nearly 3 million followers on YouTube.

Ranboo’s exact age has not been established. However, he is thought to be in his late teens. His true name has likewise remained a mystery. Ranboo became a hot Twitter topic on July 27, 2021, after hitting 2 million followers.

Ranboo is seen wearing a black and white mask, as well as sunglasses and gloves. This is part of his online character, as well as a means of protecting his privacy.

He disclosed in July 2021 that he suffers from severe facial dysmorphia, a mental health condition that causes misery and changes a person’s perception of their face, and that it is the primary reason for him masking his face and that he would be unable to edit his videos if he did not.

Fans have compared him to fellow YouTuber Hank Green, and for a while, many thought the two were the same person, although Green has since responded to the rumors. His brand included keeping his identity disguised and being anonymous on the internet, but in April 2021, a portion of his face was seen in a video after his mask slid down as he was speaking.

Ranboo had planned to meet up with Tubbo, a fellow creator on the Dream SMP with whom he immediately became great friends, in the United Kingdom for several months after joining the SMP. Ranboo traveled to the UK on June 26, 2021, and soon travel laws allowed it and appeared in Tubbo’s broadcast the same day.

Ranboo and Tubbo announced on their Twitter accounts on February 2, 2022, that they had both joined the e-sports company Misfits Gaming. Ranboo’s 10-hour Twitch charity stream set multiple records, and he had over 100k paid Twitch followers that month. On another webcast, he got a 100% hype train percentage.

The American content producer recently teamed up with Youtooz to launch his own collection of plushies, which he then gave away. LED billboards showcasing Ranboo’s Minecraft persona have also been seen across the city. He broadcasts live from two Twitch accounts and two YouTube channels.

Ranboo’s primary Twitch channel, “RanbooLive,” generates a substantial amount of revenue. While he received over 100k subscribers in his first month, his average is reported to be in the range of 65k to 70k. Just from Tier-1 customers, he gets $1.94 million to $2.1 million each year.

This does not include any donations from his viewers. However, he does make money on his second Twitch channel, “ranboobutnot.” His YouTube channel generates between $104.4k and $123.6k in revenue every year. Ranboo makes the most of his money from his Twitch channel, which, when combined with the revenues from his YouTube channel, puts his total earnings between $2 million and $2.3 million.

How old is Ranboo?

Ranboo was born on November 2, 2003, in the United States. He is 18 years old.

Who is Ranboo’s Girlfriend?

However, we have no information regarding Ranboo’s girlfriend or previous relationship.

How Rich is Ranboo?

The estimated Net Worth of Ranboo is between $5 Million to $7 Million USD.

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