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Rainè Riggs Wiki, Age, Bio, Husband Levi Sanders, Net Worth, Kids

Rainè Riggs Wiki

Rainè Riggs was 46 years old from USA and she passed away after battling from neuroendocrine cancer. She was an neuropsychologist and the daughter-in-law of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Riggs passed away Saturday and this was confirmed by The Lee & Martin Funeral Home in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.

Accordign to the source, she died two days after she was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer. Recently, she returned from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to her home after knowing her cancer diagnosis, but unfortunately she passed away after two days.

Rainè Riggs Family

Accordign to People.com, Her family said “How can the world ever be the same when it said goodbye to such a beautiful soul? It is simple…. our world will never be the same,” and added “I don’t know how our family will ever get over this loss as she was loved so much. I do know that we will continue on because we have to…. we promised her we would.”

“We promised to love her children every day as if they were our own,” and the family said “We promised this to her and so we will do it and hopefully every day the pain will become a little less. It is what she wanted and Rainè Riggs, we will miss you every day until the day we see your beautiful smile… I know you will be waiting for us.”

Last Tuesday Night Senator Bernie Sanders was Hospitalized after experinicng chest pain. Earlier, the senator has two stents inserted into his heart and since then he has been recovring from his heart surgery.

Rainè Riggs Career

During her time of death she was serving at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and earned her doctorate in neuropsychology at the University of Vermont. Addtioanly, she was the director of behavioral medicine at Dartmouth Medical School for several years, and she started the Palliative Care Department for Dartmouth Medical Center.

Riggs also owned Geriatric Psychology in Windsor, Vermont.

Rainè Riggs Age

How old was Rainè Riggs? Riggs was 46 years old during her time of her death. She was married to Levi Sanders who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2018. Riggs first her future Husband when she was working at an emergency food shelter in Vermont.

This couple shares three children Sunnee Riggs Sanders, Ryleigh Riggs Sanders, and Grayson Riggs Sanders.

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