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Peter Nygård Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Kids, Bio

Peter Nygård Wiki

Peter Nygård was born on July 24, 1941, and from Helsinki, Finland. He is a Finnish-Canadian fashion executive, founder, and chairman of Nygård International, a company based in Winnipeg that makes women’s wear.

However, after Prince Andrew is linked to a new sex abuse scandal as millionaire fashion executive Peter Nygard is accused of raping 10 women at Bahamas compound where Duke once stayed.

Peter Nygard, one of Canada’s largest fashion moguls, has been accused of raping and sexually assaulting 10 women on his Bahamas island estate, in the United States and “around the world.” On Thursday, a civil class-action lawsuit filed in U.S. court that alleges Peter used his international connections and “recruited, lured and enticed young, impressionable and often impoverished children and women, with cash payments and false promises of lucrative modeling opportunities to assault, rape and sodomize them.”

The lawsuit also names a number of the 77-year-old business magnate’s New York-based corporate entities and employees as defendants in the case for their alleged roles in “financing, facilitating, and covering up the abuse.” The plaintiffs, who now range in age from 18 to 36, said they’re not revealing their identities because of the “sensitive and highly personal nature of this matter.”

The alleged rapes occurred between 2008 and 2015 and among those three women were 14 years old, three others were 15 years old, and another one was 17 years old. According to the report, After ‘selecting his victims’ Nygard, 77, would allegedly sodomize and rape the teens before paying them up to $10,000 in cash for them to stay silent.

In 2000, Prince Andrew also stayed at the Bahamas home of the fashion tycoon. When suspicions were raised by local authorities in the Bahamas, it’s alleged Nygard would get away with such behavior by offering everyone from cops to government officials bribes for them to turn a blind eye.

Peter Nygård Career

In 2009, he was rated the 70th richest Canadian by Canadian Business Magazine with a net worth of $817 million and in the Canada 2018 list he was not shown on the Canadian Business ranking of the 100 wealthiest individuals and families.

He started his career as working as sales manager for a new jeans line of a woman’s clothing manufacturer Jacob Fashions on December 1, 1967. Later, from his saved earning of $8,000 he purchased 20% of the company from the founder Nathan Jacob.

Furthermore, after a few years, he bought the rest of the company from Jacobs’s daughters and renamed it, Tan Jay. In 1967, he founded his apparel manufacturing company and also opened a fashion concept retail store in Times Square in Manhattan.

Peter Nygård  Family

How old is Peter Nygård? He was born on July 24, 1941, and from Helsinki, Finland and he is 78 years old as of 2019. He is the son of Eeli and Hilkka Nygård, bakers who immigrated to Canada in 1952, settling at first in Deloraine, Manitoba.

His sister Liisa was born on October 31, 1942, and she passed away on January 20, 2020.

Peter Nygård Wife

He has seven children from four different women. He has been married one time, briefly, in the 1970s, to a model and dated Anna Nicole Smith for several years.

The three eldest are Bianca, Åliå, and Kai, from his longtime relationship with Patricia Bickle. Then, he also has a son Mika with Kaarina Pakka, a Finnish-Canadian and the other two son name’s are Jessar Nygård and Xar, born to Freya, a former model. Furthermore, his daughter Scarlet lives in Toronto with her mother, a Polish-born woman.

In 2002, Peter Nygård was ordered by a Toronto judge to pay record child support to Kaarina Pakka, mother of their 15-year-old son Mika. However, in 2004 the matter was eventually settled out of court, signing a confidentiality agreement that prevents the details of the agreement to be made public.

Peter Nygård Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth of him is $900 Million USD as of 2019. He stands 5 feet 8 inch tall and weighs around 78KG.

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