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Pearl Fernandez Wiki [Gabriel Fernandez Mother], Age, Boyfriend, Bio

Pearl Fernandez Wiki

Pearl Fernandez was born on August 29, 1983, and from the USA. She and her Boyfriend Isauro Aguirre were charged with the murder of Pearl’s son, Gabriel Fernandez.

Gabriel Fernandez was 8 years old and he was killed in May 2013 after he was beaten, tortured and starved by his mother Pearl Sinthia Fernandez and her boyfriend Isauro Aguirre, allegedly because Aguirre believed the young boy was gay.

Curently, Isauro Aguirre and her Boyfriend Isauro Aguirre are on death row in San Quentin State Prison in California. On Wednesday, six-part docu-series which hits Netflix and the series show how both Gabriel’s family and the justice system alike failed an 8-year-old boy named Gabriel Fernandez.

Gabriel Fernandez was Killed by Gabriel Fernandez they believed the young boy was Gay.

In 2013, he was found dead after repeated abuse by his mother and her Boyfriend. In the New Netflix show, the details of Gabriel’s torture and death are hard to bear and viewers may struggle with certain parts of the mini-series.

The boy during the eight months that Gabriel was in his mother’s care and during that time he was constantly abused and even Cigarettes were put out on him, he was shot in the face with a BB gun, and he was made to eat cat litter and feces.

The Netflix docu-series reveal that Pearl Fernandez didn’t want to raise Gabriel and left him in the hospital when he was born and during that time she was just 23 years and already had two older children, Ezequiel and Virginia.

Gabriel Fernandez was raised by Pearl Fernandez’s parents Robert and Sandra Fernandez.

Yes, Gabriel Fernandez was raised by Pearl’s mother and father. Moreover, not only Gabriel they even raised all three of Pearl’s kids, but in 2009 Ezequiel and Virginia went to live with Pearl and Gabriel stayed with them, until 2012.

A report by Deborah S. Miora [clinical psychologist] revealed that Pearl’s life was excessively turbulent as a child and her father went in and out of jail and her mother used to beat her. At the age of 11 Pearl ran away from home.

Later, she began drinking and also started to use methamphetamine. Then, she gave birth to her three children and the father was Arnold Contreras. However, Pearl and Arnold Contreras’s relationship was not so good and according to her Ex-Boyfriend, she once threatened to stab Contreras and faced a domestic violence charge in connection with the threat.

Pearl Fernandez pleaded guilty to First-Degree Murder & Murder involving Torture.

In 2018, she pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and to murder involving torture. Later, her Boyfriend Isauro Aguirre received the Death penalty and is on death row at San Quentin.

Unlike Pearl, Isauro Aguirre decided to take his case to trial and was found guilty, receiving the death sentence. Isauro’s lawyer argued that Pearl changed him and even his sister Elizabeth testified in his case and said that Isauro Aguirre had been a caring and helpful older brother in a hard-working family.

During the sentencing hearing, Fernandez read an apology letter “I want to say I’m sorry for what happened,” she said. “I wish Gabriel was alive. Every day I wish that I’d made better choices. I’m sorry to my children, and I want them to know that I love them.”

Curently, she is serving out her sentence at Chowchilla State Women’s Prison in Central California.

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