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Who is Paige Steele? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend

Who is Porn Star Paige Steele?

Paige Steele is an American adult actress.

Porn Star Paige Steele’s Career

  • Paige Steele began her career in the adult entertainment industry in 2015.
  • Since then, she has appeared in various adult films.
  • Porn Star Paige Steele Awards
  • Paige Steele has not won any awards.
  • Porn Star Paige Steele’s Personal Life
  • Paige Steele is originally from the United States.
  • Very little is known about her personal life.

Who is Porn Star Paige Steele’s Boyfriend?

At the moment, it is not known who Porn Star Paige Steele is dating.

Porn Star Paige Steele’s Net Worth

Porn Star Paige Steele’s net worth is not known.

FAQ About Paige Steele

1. How old is Paige Steele?
2. What is Paige Steele’s real name?
3. What is Paige Steele’s ethnicity?
4. Where is Paige Steele from?
5. What is Paige Steele’s height?
6. What is Paige Steele’s weight?
7. What is Paige Steele’s hair color?
8. What is Paige Steele’s eye color?
9. What is Paige Steele’s bra size?
10. What is Paige Steele’s shoe size?
11. What are Paige Steele’s measurements?
12. Is Paige Steele, a natural redhead?
13. What tattoos does Paige Steele have?
14. What is Paige Steele’s favorite food?
15. What is Paige Steele’s favorite color?
16. What is Paige Steele’s favorite movie?
17. What is Paige Steele’s favorite music genre?
18. What is Paige Steele’s favorite band?
19. What is Paige Steele’s favorite TV show?
20. What is Paige Steele’s favorite book?

1. Paige Steele is 25 years old.
2. Paige Steele’s real name is Carly Foulkes.
3. Paige Steele is of Canadian and Chinese descent.
4. Paige Steele is from Toronto, Canada.
5. Paige Steele is 5’7″ tall.
6. Paige Steele weighs 115 pounds.
7. Paige Steele has black hair.
8. Paige Steele has brown eyes.
9. Paige Steele’s bra size is 32B.
10. Paige Steele’s shoe size is 7.5.
11. Paige Steele’s measurements are 32-23-34.
12. Paige Steele is not a natural redhead.
13. Paige Steele has a tattoo of a butterfly on her lower back and a tattoo of a star on her right ankle.
14. Paige Steele’s favorite food is sushi.
15. Paige Steele’s favorite color is pink.
16. Paige Steele’s favorite movie is The Notebook.
17. Paige Steele’s favorite music genre is pop.
18. Paige Steele’s favorite band is One Direction.
19. Paige Steele’s favorite TV show is Pretty Little Liars.
20. Paige Steele’s favorite book is The Hunger Games.

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