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OurSignedWorld is a Youtube channel run by Courtney Lotane and Zachary. OurSignedWorld has been in the news recently for some reasons, and many of her fans and followers are curious about their personal life. This page has all of the relevant details. Scroll down to learn more about OurSignedWorld Wikipedia, Biography, Family, and many more. Why don’t we concentrate on it when we’re flying through time?


Zachary, who uses the TikTok handle @oursignedworld, was astounded when his one-year-old daughter Madison used sign language to inform him that a baby was crying. A deaf father recounted the amazing moment his child attempted to sign to him for the first time.

In the video, he and Madison are strolling through the store when Madison drops what she’s carrying to communicate to her father that she can hear a baby wailing and then points in the direction. The video has received over 19.6 million views since it was released, with hundreds of viewers gushing over the touching moment.

Zach and his hearing wife Courtney are concurrently educating their daughter to talk and use sign language. Courtney noted on their YouTube channel, “We use sign language to communicate as a family, but Madison and I also use spoken English.”

They tied the knot in 2015. Zachary earned his MA in College Counseling in 2017, while Courtney earned her BA in Deaf Studies: Interpreting in 2016.

Madison, their first child, was born in April of 2020. They like traveling and sharing their experiences with others through their Instagram and YouTube account, Our Signed World.

They have a Youtube channel under the name OurSignedWorld, and during the time of writing, it has 183k subscribers, and the bio reads, “Hi there! Welcome to our Chanel. I’m Courtney, I’m hearing. My husband is Zachary, he is Deaf, and our daughters name is Madison, she too is hearing. We are a Deaf and hearing family. We use sign language to communicate as a family, but Madison and I also use spoken English. We love sharing our everyday life, our travels and the unique things about our relationship and family!.”

The most-watched video on their channel is “I’m Dead and my hearing Daughter told me music was playing,” it received 17 Million views. Furthermore, some of their most-watched video in “My Hearing daughter interprets for me for the first time,” and many more.

(Image Source: OurSignedWorld Instagram)

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