Who is Oliwia Dabrowska? Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Oliwia Dabrowska is an Child Actress from Kraków, Poland. The black-and-white Oscar winner’s single bright light was Oliwia Dabrowska, who played a three-year-old in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic Schindler’s List. She has earned the title of “real-life hero” for organizing aid for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the nation.

Oliwia posted a selfie of herself at the border, flanked by coaches and wearing a yellow high-vis jacket. On social media, she said that she was organizing a group of volunteers who are assisting refugees as they approach the Polish border. She claims she has already found homes for ten families and has arranged for hundreds more to be relocated to Poland’s big cities.

Who is Oliwia Dabrowska?

Oliwia Dabrowska made her film debut at the age of three in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 masterpiece, her red coat providing the sole splash of color in the black-and-white Oscar winner. In 1943, her portrayal, a little Jewish girl, was the trigger for the rescue of almost 1,200 Jews bound for Nazi death camps.

Oliwia, 32, from Krakow, Poland, has followed in the footsteps of Oskar Schindler by supporting migrants fleeing Ukraine’s civil war. She claims to have already secured houses for ten families and is working on relocating hundreds more to Poland’s major cities.

In 1993, she played the role of Red Genia in Schindler’s List, and then she played the character of Extras in the Spis cudzoloznic. Later, she appeared in Street Games and The Seventh Room. Currently, she is working as a librarian. Oliwia went on to say that she had to put her own copywriting business on wait while she assisted.

Oliwia has been praised for her efforts, and viewers of the Livestream have also inquired about her role in Schindler’s List. During the liquidation of the Krakow ghetto in 1943, Nazi businessman Oskar Schindler, played by Liam Neeson, witnesses a young Oliwia stroll through the panicked masses. The little girl’s bright red coat stands out against the sea of drab, and he later finds her dead on a cart full of bodies.

Schindler’s List was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, as well as seven Baftas and three Golden Globes, and is largely regarded as one of the greatest films ever made.

How old is Oliwia Dabrowska?

Oliwia Dabrowska is 32 years old and was born on May 28, 1989, in Kraków, Poland.

Who is Kraków, Poland’s Boyfriend?

However, we have no information about her boyfriend or previous relationship.

Kraków, Poland Net Worth

The estimated Net Worth of Kraków, Poland, is between $100K to $200K USD.

(Image Source: Oliwia Dabrowska Instagram)

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