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Nirbhay Missile-India’s First Subsonic Cruise Missile (New)

Nirbhay missile indicates that fearless missile, it is all weathered missile designed and developed by DRDO, India. Nirbhaya is a long-range subsonic cruise missile and it is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and the technological requirement was designed for specific to Nirbhay missile the target is situated is for 1000km from the bay of Bengal. It is a subsonic speed of 0.7 Mach number. The missile is having the low flying capability.

GTRE is planning to incorporate the main engine, into Nirbhaya missile. This missile is traveled 640km within 50 minutes. In Jaguar Nirbhay missile is included to engage in the target to destroy the enemy destiny. Nirbhaya is a short-range missile, used for shorter take off. To varying very high altitude, to reach the short range distance. Nirbhaya is having varying altitudes, having a good wingspan of maneuverable performance. It is having a nuclear warhead, in front having capacity 300kg.

Nirbhay missile


Characteristics and specifications of Nirbhay missile

    • Nirbhay missile is a long range all weathered conditions built by DRDO.
    • It is a subsonic cruise missile.
    • Nirbhaya has a solid booster rocket for the initial take-off, which is developed by advance system laboratory.
    • It is the first indigenous cruise missile of an India similar to the missile Tomahawk and Babur.
    • It is a guided missile, comes with an explosive payload and uses lifting wing and propulsion system.
    • Nirbhay missile is designed by the aeronautical development establishment in Bangalore based organization
  • The missile built to fly at different altitudes for 500 to 4 km, it can be launched from multiple platforms and it has capability carrying a conventional and nuclear warhead.

The technology used in Nirbhay missile

    • Nirbhaya is guided by an Indian navigation system and radio altimeter for the height determination.
    • It has control navigation system RLG, is a later gyroscope guidance system.
    • The missile is having a GPS system and also an inertial navigation system INS.
    • Missile range is about 1000 km and it is capable of delivering different types of warhead s.
  • Nirbhaya is powered by a solid rocket booster system for take-off.


    • Nirbhay missile is decided to use in Sukhoi 30 fighter aircraft
    • Integration of Nirbhaya in Sukhoi is effectively increased its range.
    • This is capable of carrying missiles up to 1000km and then can be launched another target 1500km away.
  • The prototype Nirbhaya missiles are planned to release in 2020 to 2021 is going to take entry in Indian Airforce.

The wingspan of Nirbhay missile is 2.7m and of its operational range is 1500kg. Nirbhaya missile is an inertial navigation system, vertical take-off distance. The Nirbhay missile is air to air and air to surface missile. The Nirbhay missile is created by a special team of missile engineers from Pune. The Pune based research development organization, DRDO developed this design for the Indian army, navy and Airforce purpose.

The Nirbhay missile can be launched from different platforms, having nuclear warhead capacity. Nirbhaya is having good technological, electronic countermeasures. The DRDO is still declining for long range, with advanced equipment.

Nirbhay missile is a long-range, distance traveled to intercept enemy destiny with varying altitudes. The Nirbhaya missile is the most ambitious project, and the DRDO is improving the modification, in the Nirbhaya missile. The missile is having good tackling with IRNSS system. With the use of inertial navigation system to use of nuclear warhead.

This missile is the most ambitious project, to incorporate the advanced electronic system. The DRDO is planning to reduce the weight of the missile. The warhead is having the capacity to carry might weight in the nuclear warhead. Indian ministry of defense system has given revenue to DRDO to develop the technology, and a project is expected to complete soon in the coming next two-three years.






Turbojet and Turbofan, Rocket booster



0.6 Mach

Guidance system

Launching Type



Subsonic cruise missile

Conclusion: We have now seen all the details related to Nirbhaya like specification, purpose, technology etc.

Let me summarize the details for you:

    • It is developed by DRDO India.
    • It is a long-range missile.
    • It can adapt to all weather conditions.
    • It is a subsonic cruise missile.
    • It has solid stage booster rocket for initial take-off.
    • Nirbhay missile is the first indigenous cruise missile of India.
    • It is a guided missile that comes with the explosive payload.
    • It is guided by an Indian Navigation system.
    • It is a long-range subsonic cruise missile that is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.
    • It is an Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface missile.
    • The Nirbhay missile uses Turbojet and Turbofan rocket boosters.
    • The total weight of the missile is around 1500 kg.
    • This missile has a vertical type of launching.
  • Since it is a subsonic missile, the speed of the missile is under Mach 0.6.

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