Who is Nelson Thomas? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend

Nelson Thomas is a popular reality TV star and athlete who rose to fame after his appearances on MTV’s “The Challenge” series. Known for his athleticism, quick wit, and charming personality, Nelson has become a fan favorite among viewers of the show.

Who is Nelson Thomas?

Nelson Thomas was born on April 4, 1990, in Texas, USA. He grew up playing various sports, including football and track and was a standout athlete in both. After graduating from high school, Nelson went on to attend Texas A&M University, where he continued his athletic career and earned a degree in Sports Management.


Nelson’s career in reality TV began in 2016 when he was cast on MTV’s “Are You the One?” season 3. He quickly became known for his hot temper and on-again-off-again romance with a fellow cast member, Amanda Garcia.

In 2017, Nelson was cast on “The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions,” where he competed against some of the toughest veterans in the game. He proved himself to be a strong competitor, making it to the finals and finishing in third place.

Nelson went on to compete in several more seasons of “The Challenge,” including “Vendettas,” “Final Reckoning,” “War of the Worlds 2,” and “Double Agents.” He has become known for his athleticism, strategic gameplay, and ability to form strong alliances.

In addition to his reality TV career, Nelson has also worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach, helping others achieve their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


As of 2023, Nelson Thomas is 32 years old.


Nelson Thomas has been private about his personal life and has not revealed whether he is currently in a relationship. However, he has been linked to several of his co-stars on “The Challenge,” including Angela Babicz and Kayleigh Morris.

Net Worth

Nelson Thomas’ net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. This includes earnings from his appearances on “The Challenge,” as well as his career as a personal trainer and fitness coach.


  1. What is Nelson Thomas’ ethnicity? Nelson Thomas is of African-American and Mexican descent.
  2. Has Nelson won any seasons of “The Challenge”? Nelson has not won any seasons of “The Challenge” yet, but he has made it to the finals multiple times and has come close to winning.
  3. What are Nelson’s hobbies and interests outside of “The Challenge”? Nelson enjoys staying active and participating in various sports, including football and track. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with his friends and family.
  4. Is Nelson active on social media? Yes, Nelson is active on social media, including Instagram (@nelknox) and Twitter (@_nelsonthomas). He often shares updates about his personal life and fitness journey with his followers.
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