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Natasha Reddican Wiki

Natasha Reddican was 31 years old during her time of death. She was a former producer for the Jeremy Kyle Show has been found dead at her home in Salford, police have confirmed.

In June 2019, she had worked for the ITV reality show for eight years until she was made redundant when the show was axed. Since October 2014, Natasha was employed on the show but until last year the show pulled.

Natasha Reddican

Her family and freinds tributed her and one fellow staff member on the ITV talk show who labeled the death ‘devastating’. Mr. Kyle said that ‘Tash was such a talented producer, and an extremely important and popular part of our team, and added’Of course my first thoughts are for her family and friends – my heart goes out to them at this impossibly sad and difficult time.’

Later, Natasha’s friend Kirsty Rowe wrote on Social Media that “I never thought I would ever have to write something like this. We were best friends, distant friends, didn’t b***** talk to each other for a while friends, but never did I see the day I would ever have to write a goodbye to you so early in your life.”

Then, added “This is one of the hardest things I think I have ever had to do and all I can hear in my head is you going; “Come on Kirst, get a glass of red wine down your neck it’ll be all good in the end. From day one on Jezza K we clicked, my wifey – Valentine’s Day cards to each other every year, our Prezzo lunches on a Monday and the pure banter we would have was brilliant. I remember we drank all the booze in your house one time and then made the decision to walk to the garage at an ungodly hour to get more, singing Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” at the top of our voices on the way there and back.”

“We made each other laugh, we made each other cry, we absolutely p***** each other off. And even when we didn’t talk I was so glad to see you were happy.”

Emotionally, she ended the post by saying “I will never forget you, Tash, I’m still filled with shock and devastation that you are no longer with us, but I will forever cherish the memories. Sleep tight Angel. Love always, KP.”

Natasha Reddican Career

In June 2019, she was a producer on the Jeremy Kyle show and left eight months ago. The young woman was made redundant along with others on the show in the wake of the public concern following the suicide of Steve Dymond who died of a drug overdose after failing a love rat lie detector test on the show last year.

However, the TV sources insisted she had played no part in booking Mr. Dymond but had since left the program. Natasha’s death comes nine months on from 63-year-old Steve Dymond’s overdose after appearing on the show.

Natasha Reddican Age

How old is Natasha Reddican? She was 31 years old during her time of death. Speaking about her family we have less information about her father, mother, and siblings.

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