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Metaphysical Meagan and her real name are Meagan Whitson and she has gone viral because she claims to have regulated her circadian rhythm by aiming her butthole at the sky. Meagan is an Ascension Wayshower, Healer, Teacher, and Weightlifter.

She said 30 seconds is “the equivalent of a full day of sunlight with your clothes on” and the practice is “truly more energizing than slamming cups of coffee.” Later, she says that this “perineum sunning” boosts her energy, improves her sleep, and even increases her sexual energy and creativity.

Metaphysical Meagan

In October, she posted a picture of herself lying on her back with her legs in the air and was fully naked. This photo triggered the Internet and her Image went viral and many people started to share this over the Internet. She advocates that Our sexuality is the most playful and innocent part of ourselves!.

According to her Instagram, she shared few thoughts which are:

  • We are all offspring of the most high. We are all Sacred beings. We are all children of mother/father god & The Universe.
  • Unfortunately, our sexuality has been distorted and manipulated to keep us in a state of control, disempowerment, and shame. There is so much programming and shame around our sexuality and our experience of pleasure.
  • If we can remember & reconnect with our experience as children- we remember and see how children so purely radiate their sexual energy with such innocence. What was our relation to our sexual energy before we were programmed & before our understanding of it was distorted?
  • The antidote to shame is the reclaimation of our pure INNOCENCE!
  • One of the reasons we chose to take on these bodies was so we could experience EXTRAORDINARY BLISS.
  • Bliss and pleasure are our Divine BIRTHRIGHT.
  • Our sexuality is sacred. It is the gateway to superconsciousness and our Divinity.
  • Sex, along with harnessing & cultivating our sexual energy in a balanced way, is as close to ourselves as we can get
  • Reclaim your innocence, your utter bliss and pleasure… for this is your Divine essence & birthright.
  • Home is returning to our innocence

After her post went viral she posted another Instagram photo and wrote ” know I TRIGGER the f*%# out of people!. Since I was a young child, just my mere existence and BEING has triggered a lot in others. This is actually one of my favorite things about me.”

Later, she added “I trigger people into growth through the embodiment of my true self‼️This is exactly why you forward all my posts and talk to others about how eccentric and weird you think I am. I stopped caring what anyone else thought or said about me years ago. I invite you to choose to do the same.”

Dr. Stephanie Ooi from My Health Care Clinic told Business Insider, “There is absolutely no proven scientific evidence to suggest any health benefit to sunning your perineum or bottom. None… If you have a medical question, please seek the advice of a doctor, nurse or medical professional with relevant qualifications.”

Metaphysical Meagan Career

Metaphysical Meagan is a Licensed Massage Therapist and works at a spa called Mojave Mami’s. Additionally, she also promotes nutritional wellness through a “cleansing” program.

Metaphysical Meagan

According to the website, she attends Crossfit and has participated in competitions.

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