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Mari Gilbert (B. June 22, 1964 – D. July 23, 2016) was an American activist and murder victim advocate. However, she ended her life in Tradigdy like her daughter Shannan Gilbert who went missing in May 2010 and her body was found dead on Oak Beach.

This tragedy of both Daughter and Mother is resurfaced again on the New Netflix’s movie Lost Girls and it’s based on a chilling true story about a serial killer in Long Island. In this New Netflix movie actress Amy Ryan playing the role of Mari Gilbert.

Mari Gilbert was Found dead at in her youngest daughter Sarra’s Home.

Mari Gilbert was stabbed by her younger daughter named Sarra in an apartment building on Warren Street in Ellenville, New York on July 23, 2016. Just after few months of obtaining the Shannan Gilbert autopsy report, she was found dead in her daughter’s home.

Mari was leaving on the same street but the different apartment and her younger daughter Sarra was leaving on another Apartment. According to the Police report, Sarra invited her mother Mari to her home and she knifed her mother to death.

After finding Guilty, Sarra was convicted in 2007 and charged with second-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years to life. Later, from the Autopsy report, it revealed that Sarra stabbed her mother more than 200 times and sprayed her with foam from the extinguisher.

However, Sarrah was diagnosed with schizophrenia and once she said to her Boyfriend that she was going to kill her son and even drowned the puppy.

New Netflix movie Lost Girls will be premiered on March 13, 2020.

According to the Netflix website, the movie describer as Mari “Desperate to find her missing daughter, a mother fights to uncover the truth — and helps expose a string of unsolved murders. Based on a true story.” starring Amy Ryan, Gabriel Byrne, Thomasin McKenzie.

This show provides insight into how Mari’s daughter Shannan Gilbert mysteriously died. Talking about Shannan Gilbert she suffered from bipolar disorder since Youth and was on her medication, but she stopped taking it and claimed that it gave her the shakes.

In 2007, Shannan moved with her boyfriend and served as an escort. During that time she even ran an Ad campaign on Craigslist and offering her services for $200.00 an hour. Later, she moved into her place with her earned money and even continued her education through online college classes.

Shannan was earning enough money and even brought an expensive gift to her sisters and their sons. But she was last seen in May 2010 after she was hired by Joseph Brewer from Oak Beach, Long Island residence. He said he hired her off from Craigslist website but after arriving she behaved erratically and ran away into the night, he said.

Since then, Shannan was never found until December 13, 2011, her remains were found in a marsh at Oak Beach, less than a mile from where she was last seen. The authorities even found her clothes and personal stuff. Later, the Authorities believed that she was the victim of an accidental drowning.

However, her mother Mari denied this Autopsy report and she believed that she was murdered and wanted her death to be reinvestigated as a homicide. Then, Mari hired an attorney, John Ray and with the help and they re-examined the case and medical examiner, Dr. Michael Baden performed an autopsy and found that there were signs of homicide by strangulation.

Mari then tried to obtain her last-minute audio from where she disappeared. Liked mentioned above she was last seen by the man, Joseph Brewer from Oak Beach, Long Island residence. Shannan had called 911 from Brewer’s home and was screaming for help from the neighbors.

But police didn’t provide the audio clip by saying that there was no need for an active investigation.

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