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Lyric Chanel was 13 years old passed away after a cancer battle, she was a fan of Cardi B and Beyonce.

Her death was confirmed by her family on Instagram and the post reads “She is resting so peacefully and so beautiful. I can see your halo baby girl Heaven gained a beautiful Angel this morning.” Chanel documented her struggle and journey and captured many hearts on social media.

Her fans and friends poured tribute on social media, one user wrote on Twitter “REST IN PEACE baby girl! You fought a BEAUTIFUL fight. Thank you for sharing your life with us and your fight. We’ll all remember seeing you smiling and dancing and having those nails on FLEEK! You’re with our Lord now… praying for your family”.

Beyonce’s spokeswoman Yvette Noel Schule said “I tried to write something, but I can’t find the words. This is not a good thing. This is not a simple comment. The lyrics are a joy. She hugs the perfect stranger and remains positive throughout. I’m at a loss to find something else to write. My heart breaks.”

Later, another person wrote “Monica you are the strongest mother. Thanks for sharing your baby with the world we’ve all been touched by an angel.”

Who was Lyric Chanel?

Lyric Chanel was 13 years old social media personality and huge fans of Cardi B and Beyonce, she also had a youtube channel named ‘Yhung.chanel_’.

In that channel, she used to upload Nicki Minaj’s Good Form, Offset’s Clout, and Cardi B’s Press freestyle. At the age of 11, she was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer called anaplastic ependymoma.

She began documenting her journey and on social media, she had a reach of 470k followers. Chanel recorded more than 10 surgeries, including chemotherapy, and her mother Monica posted on March 4th “I just received news from the doctor that Lyric is dying and I only have a few days to live … these are the hardest words to hear.” Back in December 2020, her mother told The Breakfast Club, “She doesn’t say too much that [the word ‘die’] much anymore… She told me, ‘Mom, I don’t want to ‘D’,’ because I told her don’t say ‘die.’ And I said, ‘That’s not going to happen.’”

Earlier, Chanel shared about her recovery and posted on March 4th, 2020, that reads “tumor had gotten smaller”, however, by August she took to IG again to share that the tumor had grown slightly.

In December 2020, her parents launched the GoFundMe page to support her medical expense and reached the $200,000 Goal.


How old was Lyric Chanel? She was 13 years old during her time of death. She was born to Monica Valentine (Mother) and there is very little information about her family.

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