Luis Enrique Martinelli and Ricardo Alberto Martinelli: Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth

Luis Enrique Martinelli and Ricardo Alberto Martinelli

Luis Enrique Martinelli and Ricardo Alberto Martinelli are the sons of Panamanian former president (2009-2014) Ricardo Martinelli. Recently, they both were arrested in Guatemala City as they attempted to board a flight to Panama.

Later, they have been charged with bribery and money laundering linked to Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht, according to a federal complaint unsealed on Monday.

On June 27th the criminal complaint filed in the federal court in Brooklyn, New York in that they described these two brothers are a close relative of the officer, but not much information is revealed. Furthermore, from the complaint, it also came to know that they managed secret bank accounts under shell company names to facilitate payment of the bribes.

Regarding this Martinelli, the family spokesman did not immediately reply to a request for comment on the charges, but the family in a statement said that it was working to ensure the sons have legal assistance.

According to the US Department of Justice the two brothers having been intermediaries for the payment of about $28 million in bribes from Odebrecht to a high-ranking Panama official between 2009 and 2014.


Luis Enrique Martinelli, 38, and Ricardo Alberto Martinelli, 40. Father name is Ricardo Martinelli and mother Marta Linares de Martinelli.

Their mother Marta Linares de Martinelli became the First Lady of Panama on July 1, 2009, when her husband, Ricardo Martinelli, became President of Panama. On January 29, 2014, she was chosen to compete for Vice-President of Panama alongside Jose Domingo Arias running for President but lost.

Marta earned a Bachelor’s degree in commerce in the US, at Saint Mary of the Woods College in Indiana. In 1978, she studied insurance brokerage at the University of Panama.

Furthermore, the two brothers also a sister named Carolina Elizabeth.

Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth of them is under review.

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