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Linda Collins-Smith

Linda Collins-Smith was born in 1962 and from Pocahontas, USA. She was the member of the Arkansas State Senate from Pocahontas Region. Furthermore, on June 4, 2019, she was found dead in her home and according to the source she died by the Gunshot.

However, her body is sent for the Autopsy and the truth of her death will be revealed after the report comes out. In fact, Former Media Secretary named Ken Yang was shocked to know about her former Boss’s death and she told that Smith treated her as her friend.

Linda Collins-Smith

Later, the Arkansas GOP told that she was the true Representative of the people. According to the NBC report, few men targeted her when she was alone in her home and they even heard the Gunshot sounds.

Smith was Businesswoman, Real Estate Agent and Politician from America and even served as a strong leader in the Republic Party of the United States. Furthermore, she was a Republican senator for District 19 from 2015 through 2019 and previously served in Arkansas’ House.

Senator John Boozman also reacted to the incidence and praised Smith, In a Twitter, he wrote “I’m saddened to learn of Linda Collins-Smith’s untimely passing. This tragedy is a shock to her community and our entire state. I am praying her loved ones and all those mourning her find peace and comfort in this difficult time. We are grateful for her service to Arkansans.”

In fact, Smith described herself on Twitter as “91st, 90st, House 88th. Christian Conservative; Pro-Life, Business, Family, Guns, Veterans, Better Education & Patriot. Love God, Family, and Country!” and her Website Bio says “She is a lifetime member of the NRA and founding member of the Friends of the NRA in Hardy.”

On March 23, 2019, She shared the photo on Twitter about Gun law.

Linda Collins-Smith Husband

How old is she? was born in 1962 and from Pocahontas, the USA and she is 57 Years old as of 2019. Furthermore, she was married to her husband named Philip Smith who is a Circuit Court Judge and they share two children together. In 2018, Smith separated from her Husband and the exact reason is still unknown.

Linda Collins-Smith

Linda Collins-Smith Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth of her is about $ 2.6 Million USD as of 2019. She stands 5 feet 6 Inch tall and weighs around 63 KG.

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