Who is Lil Huddy aka Chase Hudson? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Girlfriend, Age

Lil Huddy, also known as Chase Hudson, is a popular TikTok star and social media influencer. He rose to fame on the app through his lip-sync and dance videos and has since amassed millions of followers across various platforms.

Apart from his TikTok career, many fans are also curious about his educational background, particularly his GPA and the high school he attended.

Education and High School

According to the article on TV Guide Time, Lil Huddy attended Bear Creek High School in Stockton, California. The article also revealed that the TikTok star has a GPA of 3.5, which is a respectable grade point average for a high school student. Lil Huddy has not publicly shared much about his academic pursuits, but it is known that he was a member of his school’s water polo team.


Lil Huddy’s rise to fame began on TikTok, where he started posting lip-sync videos in 2019. He quickly gained a massive following, and as of March 2023, he has over 36 million followers on the app.

He is also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Lil Huddy has also ventured into music, releasing his debut single “21st Century Vampire” in 2021.

Apart from his social media career, Lil Huddy has also been involved in various collaborations and partnerships. In 2020, he was part of the “Hype House,” a group of TikTok creators who lived together and collaborated on content. He has also worked with brands such as L’Oreal, American Eagle, and Puma.


Q: What is Lil Huddy’s real name?

A: Lil Huddy’s real name is Chase Hudson.

Q: How old is Lil Huddy?

A: Lil Huddy was born on May 15, 2002, which makes him 20 years old as of 2023.

Q: Where is Lil Huddy from?

A: Lil Huddy is from Stockton, California.

Q: How many followers does Lil Huddy have on TikTok?

A: As of March 2023, Lil Huddy has over 36 million followers on TikTok.

Q: Is Lil Huddy still in high school?

A: No, Lil Huddy graduated from high school in 2020.


Information Details
Name Chase Hudson
Known As Lil Huddy
Age 20
Date of Birth May 15, 2002
Place of Birth Stockton, California
Education Bear Creek High School, GPA of 3.5
Career TikTok star, social media influencer, musician
TikTok Followers Over 36 million
Brands Worked With L’Oreal, American Eagle, Puma, etc.

In conclusion, Lil Huddy’s GPA and high school information have been a topic of interest among fans. The TikTok star attended Bear Creek High School and has a GPA of 3.5. He has since gained massive popularity on TikTok and other social media platforms, as well as working with various brands and pursuing a career in music.

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